Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coffee Filter Flower Tutorial Part 1

I decided to do this flower tutorial in a few parts because it would be really long to do it all in one post, and mostly cause my camera died and needs to be charged so I coundn't take all the pictures I needed for it. I did however get enough pictures to make the flower tutorial for the wreath so if you want you will be able to make that from this. I will be adding later how to add a stem so you can have several in a vase, and the small flowers .
These are the supplies you will need to make a flower, plus whatever paint color you want to use.
You will need coffee filters, mine are from the dollar tree, scissors, glue, scraps of yarn, and something to poke a hole in the filter with I used a bamboo skewer.
It will take five coffee filters to make one flower. Start out by flattening out the coffee filters and painting the entire filter. I only painted on one side but you could do both, let them dry.
Another way you could paint or more like dye you coffee filters is put a small amount of paint in a jar then fill it up with water 3/4 of the way then add your filters don't forget to tighten the lid tight :) shake well, wring out your filters, and lay flat to dry.
Now you will take the dry coffe filters and fold each one. (I fod three and two at a time).
First fold the coffee filter in half.
Fold in half again.
Fold on corner up to the folded corner.
Flip over and fold the other side the same as the last.
Now take and draw a petal shape on the coffee filters.
Cut out the petal shape.
Unfold all the coffee filters take two and set aside.
Take one of the flowers and you will cut down the side of one of the petals to the middle, set aside.
Take another flower and cut out one petal, set aside
Take another flower and cut out two petals, set aside.
This is what you should end up with. and now to put it all together.

On the flower that were cut you will take and apply glue to one petal on the cut side bring the other petal over and layer on top of the petal that you just applied glue to so they will form one petal together.

Now layer and glue each flower on top of eachother starting with the two uncut flowers. And ending with the smallest flower. I just put a circle of glue in the middle of each flower.

This is what it will end up looking like after you have glued all layers together.You can add whatever you want to the middle I made a pom pom from yarn.

I just wrapped the yarn around three of my fingers several times.
Slipped a piece of yarn under the yarn.....
Tied a double knot.
I took a brush to it and made it fuzzy
Poked a hole in the middle of the flower.
Attach the pom pom to the middle.
Pinch and shape the petals between your fingers
Add your finished flowers to a wreath or anything you want.
I will be posting how to do the small flowers and how to add the large flowers tomorrow so come back and check that out!!! Let me know if anything was unclear and I will try to explain better!
Oh and I was featured on Someday Crafts how exciting is that? I was so excited to say the least, I love their site!

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M.O.T.B said...

I think these are so cool!!!! Great job! Love the color of blue!

Gay Vaughan said...

These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing and bringing your hodgepodge to my party. I love seeing what you are up to. Hope to see you again.

Katie said...

Those are adorable! I love coffee filter art!

CC said...

I'm visiting from Sew Dang Cute and New Friend Friday. I'm so happy I found your site..I really like it. Your flowers are so sweet..I have tons of coffee filters,I can't wait to make some. Thank you for the how to, I've become your newest follower and hope you come visit me. I have 2 blogs I share with crafting and patterns,the other is recipe from our 3 countries..I hope you come visit both..and I would be honored if you came to see the blog I have just by myself.
Whew...working on 3 blogs is a job..

Paula said...

Great idea! I'm looking for easy crafts to do with my niece when she visits and I think that she'd love this one.

Shannon@ One Crafty Mommy said...

This turned out so cute! Thanks for linking up to this week's Super Crafty Saturday!

Stacey @ Fun to Craft said...

Very Cute. I am loving these coffee filter flowers. Thanks for sharing at Fun to Craft's Spring has Sprung Party.

Sarah said...

Those are so creative! Love them.



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