Monday, April 5, 2010

Coffee Filter Flower Tutorial Part 2

Ok To start off I really don't know the proper way of doing this but this is how I did it. If you have a better way, please share. So with that said I will show how I attached stems to the coffee filter flowers. The smaller flowers in the picture above are tissue paper made in the same way I just traced circles on the tissue paper to start the shape then follow the directions for the coffee filter flower.

I started with a pair of pliers, skewers, floral tape and floral wire.

Cut the floral wire to the desired length you want your flower then wrap one of your ends around the pliers to make a circle like above.

Bend the stem down.

For the ones I had already made flowers and had pom pom on I just slipped the wire through the hole that I put the pom pom on.

Wrapped the two strands of yarn that feed through the flower around the circle of the floral wire, and pushed it all back through the flower.

I prefer this way as you put the flower together, poke the end of the floral tape through each individual flower. Put it together in the opposite direction from wich you glue the flower together starting with the smallest flower and ending with the largest. There is no need to glue each flower together when you do them this way.

Here is what it will look like when you have placed all the flowers on the floral wire.

On the finished flower, wind the yarn around the wire a couple of times and cut of excess yarn.

On the flower's you put together with the wire push the petals up over the circle you made in the wire and twist floral tape several times around that area. Contine wrapping floral tape around the floral wire.

Be careful to wrap tightly as you go or else this will happen and you will have to start over :(

When you get to the bottom wrap the tape around the bottom and back up tear the tape and hold the end of tape pressing tightly so the wax will stick.

If you want to have an extra sturdy flower you can use a skewer cut to the size you want.

Wrap floral wire around the top where it is pointy and cut off the point.

Pinch the flower back up around the top of the skewer and the wrapped wire.

Wrap around that part several times, and down the skewer like on the floral wire.

Now you have some flowers!  Sorry not the cutest display but wanted to show you the different sizes, and show off the little wood vase my dad made me, out of a piece of apple tree wood. And sorry this is so long I will have one more part showing how to do leafs to add. oh and sorry the small flowers! I'm a little bit of an air head!


CC said...

They're so very beautiful. Thank you so much for the how to..I have everything to make some, now to find time to get started. *sighs. It will be ok,I'll find time.

Paula said...

Another great tutorial! Your flowers are so cute and I love the vase that your dad made.


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