Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coffee Filter Flower Tutorial part 3

Ok so finally the last tutorial for the Coffee Filter Flowers.

Supplies you will need for the leaves wire or you can just use the floral wire, wire cutters, glue and coffee filters painted green in whatever shade you want or you can spray paint the leaves after they are made and just use plain white coffee filters.

Cut Several pieces of wire around 3 to 3 1/2 inches long.

Cut your coffee filter in half and free hand leaf shapes on it with the round edge towards the round edge of the coffee filter.

Glue both halves of the coffee filter the side that has leaf shapes drawn on and the side that is left empty. Forgot to take a picture, but lay your wire three quarters of the down the leaf. You will be able to see in the next picture.

Stick both glued sides together so the wire is between the filter halves.

Cut around your leaf shape. The light ones are the ones I painted before hand and the darker are spray painted.

So now you will attach the leaves as you are wrapping the stem either in the floral wire or on the bamboo skewers. Lay the stem of the leaf against the stem of the flower and wrap with floral tape several times to secure.

Add as many leaves as you would like in the same way. continue wrapping your stem all the way down.

Here is what your flower will look like with the leaves attached and wrapped. I should have made the leaves bigger. Oh well at least you will know to.

Bend your leaves outward. And  shape how you like and that is it.

Here is a different middle I did out of the coffee filter. If you want to know how I did it let me know and I will do another tutorial. Somehow deleted the pictures showing how I did it and of the small flowers. I am air headed I'm sorry! If you want to make the smaller flower I just folded the coffee filter in half three times, drew a circle on it and cut it like the big flowers. Then I just glued two of the flowers together and painted a dot in the middle. They also look really cute with just a small piece of plain or another color of filter glued to the middle. Sorry I will try to get better at this. Oh and the white flower is just made the same way just don't bother painting the filter! I think it looks great like that. Enjoy!!!

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