Monday, April 12, 2010

Decorative Mirrors

I have been loving all the little decorative mirrors out there just not the prices! So what's a girl to do? Make do of course.

I started with three of these little mirrors that are for candles. I got mine from Dollar Tree. That's the only thing we have in this small town I live in Dollar Stores three! Not that I don't love them but it would be so nice to have a Hobby Lobby a Micheals or some type of store to get crafts supplies. At least we have a Walmart in a nearby town. Rambling sorry! Then I had some leftover Chinet Salad Bowls. I didn't get a before picture but I'm sure you all have seen paper dishes. I just spray painted the bowls a black and then lightly sprayed silver so you could still see the black.


Glued a small piece of twine to in a loop to the back for hanging.

Put a bunch of glue in the inside middle of the bowl.

Pressed the mirror on top of the glue centered in the middle. Then made two more and that was it! So simple!

Now I just need to decide where to hang them. They would be so cute in other colors to. Cheap easy decor, I love it!!!


Tracey @ My House of Giggles said...

What a great idea!!! These are so cute! Your blog is great...I love making things out of stuff that doesn't cost a lot :)

Thanks for linking up to my Tuesday Talent Show!

Come on by again tonight if you have anything new to share :)

Shel at Dreamy Nest said...

These are great!! I can't believe they're made of chinette bowls! How cool!!!
I'd love to see them hung when you get them up.
I wish yours had been the one to inspire me - but the post I saw was about a month ago. I really want to give the proper girl credit.


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