Friday, June 25, 2010

Being Sneaky

Being a little sneaky!!! Hehehe my husband hate's picture's and so does his oldest son.

They are outside pouring cement for a shed finally!!! I took a break from my kitchen. Almost done sorry just trying to clean up so I can get some good pic's!!! Any way snuck out there and got some picture's of them pourng cement! Shhh don't tell them I posted them on my blog, they would kill me!!!

"What are you doing?" Nothing I say! Aren't they cute?

And isn't he the cutest thing??? He had to get his boot's on like dad and some glove's. I love it!
Well off to finish cleaning so I can show you my awesome kitchen!


Miranda said...

Both of your boys are very handsome. By the way, that is exactly how I get pics of my husband too-lol. Frustrating I know...lucky we're sneaky.

Heather said...

Thanks Miranda! It is frustrating every time I go to get one a hand goes up or they turn! Dang guy's!!!


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