Thursday, June 3, 2010

Can Planter's

Have you seen the contest Fireflies & Jellybeans is having where crafter's compete using a secret ingriedient? Well this round the secret ingredient is using recycled can's and tin's and I decided to add a few of my recycled can crafts that I have already posted The Soda Can Flower Plant Poke, The Can Organizer and The Soup Can Candlesticks. And now I have made Can Planter's

Here they are without flower's

And with the flower's added. I ran out of flower's so I need to get more for the red one.

If you want to make one you will need :

Empty cans
Jute rope
Strong waterproof glue
Plaster of Paris
Spray Paint

So to get started glue together tin cans one on top of the other or I glued four together side by side like I did with the Can Organizer. Then after the glue has dried poke holes in the bottoms of the cans for drainage. Mix up Plaster of Paris according to directions. Then take a big popsicle stick and just frosted the outside of the cans till they are covered, let dry. Now spray with Kilz and let dry. Spray paint in the colors you want. If you want to add the rope to the middle of the four glued together again follow theCan Organizer directions for doing so. Then Just add your plant's and you've got some really cheap really cute planter's!
Make sure you buy the small plant's that come six to a pack or plant your own seeds because the planter's are small!

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Pam said...

You are super clever and your art is cantastic! ;) Pam @ Sallygoodin P.S. I hope you win!

Heather said...

Thanks so much Pam!

Al said...

Such creativity.I have been saving some cans just waiting on an inspiration to do a project. I think I found it.

Tere said...

Cute and creative! Thanks for linking up @PonyTails&FishScales!

Nancy said...

These turned out so cute! Great idea!

Southern Fried Gal said...

Super cute idea! I made some centerpieces with old cans and scrapbook paper but never thought about fastening them together!

This would be a cute addition to my Garden Party - come link up if you get a chance!

Have a blessed weekend!

Becca said...

Such a great idea!


Nanna said...

cute project for the grandkids, thanks for sharing

NancyCreative said...

Those are cute--what a fun idea!

Julie @ Frugal and Fabulous Design said...

Cute, fun and cheap - I love it!

Thank you so much for linking up this week.

Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

These are so darling and cheap! I love! Thanks for coming by Sweet Charli! :)

Stephanie Lynn said...

These are adorable! I just finished a can project as I have been collecting them too! These little planter are super cute! Love the texture! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase party! I greatly appreciate it! Hope you are having a fabulous week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

Stephanie Lynn said...

Hi Heather! I’ll be featuring your planters today! Stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Thanks again for joining the Sunday Showcase Party! ~ Stephanie Lynn


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