Monday, July 26, 2010

Pencil Pouch

WARNING: I am not a great sewer in fact I'm still new at sewing so don't be to harsh on me here I did have something else planned but you get me! (SORRY)!!!

The Binder Pencil Pouch

I think it turned out pretty cute myself even I'm my sewing skills and designing skills are beginner!

To make this you will need these supplies:

Outer fabric I used canvas
Lining fabric
Zipper the size you need or larger and you can trim it down

Click on the pictures to enlarge

1. Cut out two of each lining fabric and outer fabric 6"x10" each
2. If you want to embellish the front of your pouch here is where you will before sewing it all together.
3. More embellishement I embroidered a cute little bird.
4. Sandwich a lining piece and outer piece of fabric wrong sides together.

5. Lay your zipper across the top of your fabric and mark where you want your zipper to end. Not pictured add a zig zag stitch with your sewing machine.
6. Pin your zipper to the top of your sandwiched fabric and sew in place.
7. Repeat with the opposite side and sew zipper in place (I forgot to do this but here is where I would turn and sew the zipper down on the front and back of the binder).
8. Lay binder paper on top of the pouch and mark where you want your ribbon (these will be your rings to attatch to the binder rings).

9. Cut three pieces of ribbon the same length I did mine two 2.5" but next time I think I would do it a tad shorter.
10. Sandwich both lining pieces and outer pieces together, right sides together and pin in place.
11. Sew around both pieces leaving a three inch opening in the lining fabric for turning your pouch, trim corners. You can see were I have the pins to sew this piece closed in the next step.
12 Turn pouch the right direction pull out the lining and sew together the opening.

I embroidered around the top where I forgot to sew the zipper in step 7 which turned out cute so you can do this as well if you'd like.

Enjoy your finished Binder Pencil Pouch! My daughter loves hers!


Beverly @ said...

Oh cute! I love the birdie and the way you included the ribbons for the binder. Really sweet!

Christie said...

You did a great job! The bird is so cute!

Sassy Sites! said...

VERY cute! I want one of these for ME! :) I love your blog! I am your newest follower!!

Carolina said...

That turned out adorably cute! I love the way it clips into the 3 rings on the binder - genius!

I hope you'll stop by ExpectMoore and add this project to the "Pocket Week" Linky Party!


Leanne said...

This is so cute too. You can link as many as 4 post to We're Organized Wednesday. You'll have more chances to win the giveaway too. Hope to see you there.

Rose :: said...

A lovely original design. Love these, and love to invite you here so our readers can love you too:

Now, that's a lot of love ...
Have a happy day,

Staci J said...

How cute is that!! I LOVE the birdie design:)
Visiting from
Come by and check out my super fun giveaway;)

Maridith @ Strictly Homemade said...

I love this pencil case. I would of never thought of making my own. Especially as stylish as you did!

I wanted you to know I have featured you today on my blog. I am doing a small series on Back-to-School Homemade Gift gifts and shared your idea and your series you are doing. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!

Have a Blessed Day!


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