Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boo Rose Bouquet

I love how these roses turned out they reminded of Halloween so I made mine into a Halloween bouquet. These are so so simple to.

All you need to make these are

  • Newspaper

  • Wooden Skewers

  • Masking Tape

Cut scallop shapes all down the newspaper the width you want your roses. Layer several papers together so you cut several roses at once.

Roll one piece of the scalloped newspaper up around a skewer then remove the skewer.

Holding it in your hand unravel till you get the desired rose shape you want.

Already looking like a rose here.

Put your skewer back up through the middle on the bottom side.

Pinch the rose around the skewer. Somehow missed a picture of this but now just wrap masking paper tightly around the bottom of the rose to and around the skewer a little ways to secure the rose to the skewer.

You can leave them plain or you could paint them.

I spray painted mine black and the added some navy blue to them, then went back over with black.
My vase is just an empty Crystal Lite container spray painted the black and blue. Then I just tied raffia around it and added the boo sign. To make the boo sign I just had small scraps of card stock I burned the edges of the white one as well as the oo and then just drew on the B with permanent marker. Glued the burnt card stock to a scrap of black card stock and just glued it to the vase.

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Halloween ~ Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. someone else is thinking it!!
I love the spooky bouquet. very clever.
Happy weekend.


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