Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Can I Make from a Dollar Tree Handbag Part 2

Yesterday we picked apart a Dollar Tree Handbag and made a headband Here. So what do I have to make from some of the other pieces today?

How about this small pouch? Want to make it?

You will need one of the long strips of fabric from the handbag , scissors and a sewing machine or needle and thread and this pattern.

Save the image to your desktop and print out with a picture printing program on full page.

Lay out your pattern pieces on your fabric and trace around them, I used a permanent marker.

Cut out your pieces, lay the small piece which is the strap and lay it where you want it on your pouch. I would place it just a tad higher than I did so your flap comes through it further.

Place your back piece on top of the front piece right sides together.

Sew around the pouch, don't sew around the flap piece. (ignore the corners on this picture you will do this in the next step. I couldn't get pictures as I was doing it because my husband was sleeping in our room with the sewing machine, he is working nights so I was trying to hurry and not wake him).

Fold down your corner and sew across like the picture shows.

Clip of the corners right below the sewing line, and turn your pouch the right direction.

That's it pretty simple! You could decorate it more if you wanted I left mine plain.

Perfect size for a cell phone....

Or to carry your cash and credit cards.....or whatever you want!

I would love to see if you make something from these tutorials or if you have another idea of what to make from these handbags. I will have a couple more tutorials from this bag so come back and check it out!!!!

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casserole said...

That's so cool!! I would never have thought that started out as a cheapie purse...

I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


Amoora said...

Wow, you are so creative!! I was trying to guess what you would make next. You could also make a sunglasses/glasses holder and wallet.

Penny said...

That's a great idea!

Sachiko said...

Nicely done! Thank you for sharing !

Denise Marie said...

great job..way to be resourceful

Ronda Lynn said...

Reuse & Recycle awesome! Do you have dimensions for the pattern?
thanks for sharing!!!


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