Monday, September 13, 2010

Dressed Up Flip Flops

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I found some plain flip flops from a Dollar Store a month or so ago thinking I would do something with them to make them cute, only to leave them sitting in my closet untouched till now. Then last night when going through my google reader I saw that there was a Rock the Flop Contest and  remembered mine and decided to finally do mine and enter them in the contest.

I gathered a few supplies I had this cool felt is embossed so and then some felt in a darker brown (these are all the precut craft felts). I just cut long strips I didn't measure sorry but I cut them just a little wider then the strap on the flip flop and the length of the felt.

Then I cut out flower in several sizes from the felt

I used crochet thread for sewing and a big needle.

I just stitched down one side of two strips sandwiched togehter.

Then I pulled the thread to where the strips made a "U" shape.

Opened up the felt and sandwiched a strap between them.

Then I sewed along the other side sewing the strap inside.

One side done cute and ruffly!

Repeat with reamaing strap.

Then I just sewed several layers of felt flowers together and sewed them to the felt straps.

Enjoy your cute embelleshed flip flops.

The felt makes for a soft strap so no more plastic strap diging into your foot!

I think this can qualify as using up my stash to for Stashbusting September as everything was already in my stash.

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Beverly @ said...

So cute!! I love that brown felt and the flowers look great! Nice job!! :)

The Mother Huddle said...

Are you kidding me?! Those are adorable! They even look like fall!

Thanks so much for the mention!


Michele said...

this looks like it would make the flip flops much cozier! i like it!

hey, and i'm doing the Stashbusting Sept thing as well! Cool, but harder than I thought it would be!

southernscraps said...

Very cute. Love these!

Beverly @ said...

Heather I just saw that you won!!! I'm sooo happy for you! Woohoo!

Julia said...

congrats on winning the Rock the Flops from mother huddle! these are really cute!!


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