Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Paper Doll Carrier

I was so excited when I applied for an opportunity to receive a product to make a tutorial through Totally Tutorials and was chosen. The product I received is this sweet paper doll fabric.

How fun is it? Ruby Jane's Retro Fabric is where the fabric came from. They were so nice to do this. 

Lets get started making the carrier

First you will need to draw out your pattern pieces in the dimensions shown above. Cutting the amount shown on each pattern piece. These aren't actual pattern pieces just shapes of what you will need to draw out to make the pattern.

Here is what you should have once all your fabric is cut out.

Now you will need to cut out plastic canvas inserts for your inside pieces of the carrier. (These are to make the carrier sturdier). You will need to cut two pieces of canvas 6 1/4" x 9 1/4" these will be the inserts for the front and back. Then you will need to cut one piece at 1" x 9 1/4" for the spine piece.

Fold your spine piece together right sides facing and sew down the short edge.

Turn your spine piece right sides out now and iron with the seam in the middle.

Insert the spine piece of plastic canvas in the center of the fabric.

Pin the plastic canvas in place.

Sew down each side of the plastic canvas, not on it just beside it.

Now the pocket pieces...Fold in half and sew across the bottom.

Turn right sides facing out and iron repeat with remaining pocket pieces. Sew a straight line across the top 1/4" down for finishing on your pocket.

Pin pockets where you want them on the inside piece of the carrier equal distance apart and sew along the bottom of each pocket. You do not need to sew along the sides they will be sewn in later.

Lay your font piece of the carrier face down on the pocket piece of the carrier with the pocket piece facing up. Repeat with both sides and pin the fabric together.

Sew each piece like the diagram above leaving one side open on each making sure that when you turn your fabric it will be the direction that you want. Trim your corners and turn right sides facing and iron.r

Fold your fabric inward on each side of the front and back pieces and iron under 1/2" on the open side. Insert the front and back plastic canvas pieces in each the front and back fabric.

Now take your spine piece and place the front and back plastic piece in the edge up to where your sewn line is on the spine piece, and pin in place. You will have to pin as you go.

Stitch in place by hand I did a blanket stitch but you could just do a running stitch or whatever.

Here is the inside piece stitched up.

Repeat with the other side. You could be done after stitching you just need your handles or if your like me and didn't pay attention to how you laid out your fabric to sew together you can add to it...

So I just cut out one of the paper dolls from the fabric and laid on top of some heat and bond and cut out a piece of heat and bond the same size. Iron the heat and bond to the fabric as it shows in the direction on the package.

Trim around the doll and then iron it to a sheet of felt.

Now cut around the felt leaving just an edge of it showing mines is around 1/4".

Stitch that onto the front of the carrier however you would like making sure not to go through the canvas and stitch your pockets. (Ignore the handles in this picture I forgot to take a picture of the paper doll stitched on).

Cut two 12" piece of ribbon for each handle. Fold over each edge 1/2" and pin in place I measured in 5 inches on each side and pinned mine.


Fold the carrier shut and pin the other handle in place using the previous handle as a guide where to pin.

Sew the ribbon in place securely by hand.

Place all your paper dolls and their clothing in the pockets.

And your ready to go carrying your paper dolls with you. Or at least your little one can carry their paper dolls with them.

You could stitch something cute along the spine too if you wanted.

A picture of the back.

Thank you so much for choosing me for a tutorial I love this fabric and it was so fun to imagine something out with it and make it. I hope that you enjoy this.

Check out Totally Tutorials and Ruby Jane's Shop and Blog for more ideas and fabric!


Beverly @ said...

What a super cute idea!! Oh and that fabric! wow - just so great. Nice job!!!

Leslie said...

that is so cute!!! I would have loved to have that about 30 years ago. : )
Happy Thursday.

Caroline @ Atelier Caroline said...

Great idea, and very cute result


Chris said...

What a great little carrier. I love the retro fabric, too. Well done.

Lori@ Paisley Passions said...

Great tutorial! It is absolutely darling! Thanks for linking up to my Thrilling Thursday party. Hope you will join in again next week :)

~Lori @ Paisley Passions

casserole said...

What a cute idea!! I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


Tim said...

That is super cute!


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