Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Dayton Hat tutorial

Isn't he just adorable? I just love this little guy so much! I guess that's why I put up with him crawling in my bed in the middle of the night every night and kicking me the rest of it! Lol! Well any way with the weather getting colder I decided to try my hand at making him a brimmed beanie hat thing out of an old wool sweater I think it turned out pretty cool not quite what I was thinking but I think I like it! How about you?

Want to make one?

Supplies needed:

Wool sweater felted
beanie that fits the head your making the hat for
sewing machine and thread

Use your beanie for your pattern lay it on top of your felted sweater and cut around it adding  enough room for sewing.

You should have two of these I cut mine at the bottom of the sweater so I would have the band at the bottom.

Make a pattern that looks like a sliver of a moon shape for the brim. and cut two of these from felt.

pin the brim pieces together and sew along the side that has the arrows.

Turn your brim right side facing now. I trim the funky ends I forgot to take a picture but I trim it similar to the arrows in the picture.

Now sew along the edge of your brim.

Pin your brim to one of your hat pieces with folding the bottom of your hat piece over your brim and pinning it like the above picture and sewing along the pinned section.

This is what your hat will look like so far. Cut off all the excess fabric at the brim area

Now turn your hat back inside out and fold in half  the opposite direction that you sewed together and about an inch down pin across the top of the hat. and then sew across that section.

Cut off the excess fabric.

Try it on your little one!

Dayton loves his "Dayton Hat"!

And he loves posing for the camera

It wasn't too cold outside lol! love the bare feet!

I hope you all like the Dayton hat I would love to see if you make one!

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Home Hinges said...

Super cute hat. Of course the model is quite the cutie too. I couldn't help but notice your creativity, especially since we seem to be on the same "link party" schedule; Dayton was always a few ahead of me on most of the sites I linked to today. Best wishes.
April @


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