Monday, October 25, 2010

My Night

No this picture is not of me but this is what I get to do tonight! I can't wait I'm so excited! No really I am I even get to go to the hospital to do it. A bed all to myself no 4 year old jumping in between my husband and I. I get the bed all to myself hahahaha honey you get him all to yourself tonight. Look how comfortable I am going to be. There may even be a T.V. in there where I can pick my own channel so guess what I won't be watching? That's right NO Nickelodeon. Sorry your out of luck you can't come with me! You guy's all enjoy your evening while I go enjoy my relaxing evening in my luxury Hotel I will be back tomorrow!

1 comment:

Andi @ Jane of all crafts said...

Lucky you but I hope everything is okay. Are you having a sleep study? My hubby had one once. Good luck and I so wish I didn't have to watch Sprout for one night!


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