Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Off for the Day and Buy one get One

Well today I get to run up to the hospital and pick up my dad which usually tuns into an all day thing when  I pick him up. I seem to be the one with enough patients to run him around to all the little places he wants to see and to all the people he wants to visit that he hasn't seen for a while. It's OK sometimes it drives me crazy but I really do love the man so today I am planning for it it's when I have a million other things going that is when it drives me crazy. So today I'm planning on going to all the little antique stores he likes to visit and to numberless amount of peoples homes (whom I don't know) for whatever he needs he has always been so good and patient with me and I should be the same right?

So What in it for you? Well I thought I would do buy one get one free one more time from my Shop and see how it goes. I've also lowered the prices on some of my items so check it out! This may or may not be the last time I do this. Just enter "makingdo" at checkout and in the comments let me know what item you want free. ***Free item must be of same or lesser value***

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