Monday, November 1, 2010

Guest Post Joy from Mommas Kinda Crafty

Please welcom Joy from Mommas Kinda Crafty!

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I am so excited to be a part of A Crafty Creative Christmas! I am Joy and I have a little blog I call Mommas kinda Crafty!

I am going to show you a few fun and easy things you can make for handmade Christmas Gifts this year. 

For the sweet little girl on your list, how about a new headband!

Here's a little step-by-step for making your own!

1.   Cut out circles of fabric.  

I used a cheap Satin.  I used 5 layers, alternating colors.  I cut my circles by hand so they are not perfect.  But that's okay!  My smallest circle is almost 1 1/2" and each one slightly bigger with the largest measuring just over 3" in diameter

2.  Melt the edges of each fabric circle.

Do this with a candle.  Hold so that edges melt slightly.  Don't hold too close to the flame.  You don't want to burn the fabric.  You may also want to hold your circles with a pair of tweezers to protect your fingers from heat.

3.  Layer your melted circles to make your flower(s).  Use a dot of hot glue between each layer.

4.  Add a small pearl, button, or sparkly gem to the center of each flower with glue gun.

5.  Cut a small circle out of felt to glue on the back of each flower.

6.  Glue onto favorite headband.  Glue flowers close together since the headband will stretch when worn.

What about something for  a  little toddler, who is learning his colors?  Try this fun Color Matching Game in a cute drawstring bag!

I used a sheet of black foam core board and cut 20 - 3" squares.  Then cut scrapbook paper just slightly smaller for the tops of the pieces.  And punched out 1" circles in 10 different colors of cardstock.


Then used my Sizzix sidekick to cut out the names of the corresponding colors.  I thought this way, it would also help teach my 4 year old to read her color names!

Next, use modpodge to adhere the scrapbook paper squares to one side of each foam piece.  Let dry and then spray with a clear acrylic sealer.

Then use modpodge to adhere the 1" circles and the color names on the other side.  Let dry.  Then spray with clear acrylic sealer.


Now for the storage of our game, I just whipped up this  simple drawstring bag.

Is there somebody on your list that loves to sew?  How about a pincushion that you can make in under 15 minutes, using things you already have on hand!!

You will need.....

2 pieces fabric 4"x 4" square

Polyfil stuffing

about 20" of 1/8" ribbon

Needle with large eye for ribbon


Cut your fabric.  I chose to use denim for the bottom of each one.  Did one that was all denim too, but I am sure any cotton scraps will work.  Start by sewing your 2 pieces of fabric, right sides together and leaving an opening on one side for stuffing.  I used a very small seam so I didn't have to trim them down.    Clip your corners and turn right side out.   Stuff it full with polyfil and sew the gap closed.

You should have a little square pillow.

Now take your ribbon and thread it through the needle.  Push the needle down through the center of the pincushion, leaving about 5" of ribbon on top.

Bring the ribbon around one side of the pincushion and back down thru the center.  Do this for each side so it looks wrapped like a gift box.  Secure the ends with a few stitches.

Sew on a button on the top side in the center.

Or better yet, WIN a pincushion made by ME!  Check back later in the week for your chance to win!


Beverly @ said...

This is great! What quick, cute ideas. :) I am needing to make a few of those headbands for stocking stuffers this year so now I know where to find the tutorial!

Farah Muzaffar said...

What a cute pincushion, and quick to make,, very lovely... thanks for sharing.
I would love if you spare a little bit of yours for me at

Mary Ellen said...

What cute ideas!!

I came over to join the party but am having trouble finding a linky or maybe I have misunderstood. I'd love to share my firestarter.

Hands Sew Full said...

Very cute ideas! Thanks for sharing. That pin cushion is so cute and just about the easiest tutorial I have seen!

Mrs A. said...

Love the tutorial for the flowers. Very easy to follow and can be used for just about any adornment.
Great ideas. Thanks for sharing with us all.

Mrs A. said...

Love the tutorial for the flowers. Very easy to follow and can be used for just about any adornment.
Great ideas. Thanks for sharing with us all.

alissa said...

I love the headband idea - I am always on the lookout for professional looking craft gifts!

Sarah Takens said...

Great ideas!!!! Thank you so much! I'm going to try the flowers tonight!


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