Friday, November 5, 2010

Pine Cone Ornament

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Well So What have you all thought of A Crafty Creative Christmas? Have you liked it? Would you like to see it again next year? I think it's been alot of fun and I have had alot of response. I have been really sick almost the whole time hopefully no one has noticed and I haven't posted anything goofy but if I have now you know why. LOL!!!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! So much everyone who has helped out and had done guest posts, and giveaway's. You guys are all so awesome!!!!

Giveaway's will all be announced tomorrow you will have till noon tomorrow AZ time to get your comments in so hurry and get them in you don't want to pass up these great giveaways!!!!

Pine Cone Ornament Tutorial

These are really pretty simple to make, a little time consuming but very easy and inexpensive.

To make them you will just need
  • tape
  • paper of some type old music or scrapbook paper or gift wrap
  • glass bulb ornaments (I got mine from dollar tree for 50% off 10 for $.50)
  • Trimmings, ribbon etc.

Cut your paper into 2" X 2" squares fold in half and fold in half again.

Fold your square into a triangle and then unfold back to the square.

Once you have several papers cut and folded it's time to prepare your bulb. Take the top off being careful not to break the glass.

Place your square on your glass bulb with the folded side pointing outward. and place a small piece of tape  on the opposite side.

So your tape will be towards the top of your ornament.

Add another piece to the opposite side and tape in place and then do the same with the two remaining sides so that you have four at the bottom forming a point.

Now just continue adding paper pines in rows going up about 1/4" - 1/2" up each row.

Once you get to the top start using the glue gun instead of tape, and make sure to glue all the layers down.

When you get this far you can place the top back on and embellish as you'd like.

I added Trim to the top and Ribbon and glitter to the edges.
(this one I used free sheet music I just printed off the computer)

This one is just left over gift wrap.

Easy simple and  they cost nearly nothing to make. The only thing I bought was the glass bulbs!  Which ended up only being  $.05 each can't beat that!

Thanks everyone and let's see maybe you should leave me some comments on this post there may just be a surprise giveaway!


Lindsay said...

So, I am totally going to make one of these with piano music for my grandma! She is a music teacher - and it is sometimes hard to decide what to give her (you know how grandmas are - they say not to get them anything:) )
So, this will be great for her. Thanks!!

Beverly @ said...

I've always wanted to know how to do these! Thanks for the tutorial and the great week Heather!

purplepeonies said...

These are great, and perfect for my ornament exchange! Thanks for the instructions.

FineArtPainting said...

This is really good.

OK: I would like to invite you to link up on our site so our readers can find you too: Open now.

On Wednesdays new parties open, so you can add more great tutorials as time goes on. Looking forward to seeing all your wonderful works of art! Cheers, Rose

Michele Pacey said...

Hi Heather! Such a cool craft! I love pinecones, and this is a great way to use up paper scraps!

This whole event was fun and it was so neat seeing all the crafts from all these many and varied people. Thanks for including me. For sure, I'd love to do it again next year!

Ginger said...

Loved this idea, i Have to try to make a few ,to give as gifts.
Thank you for shaing this idea!

DANA said...

That is awesome! I would love for you to come link that in my Strut Your Stuff Party!


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