Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Decor Dollar Store Style

This is what I bought when I saw Lindsay's challenge to create a $5.00 spring decor from items from the dollar store.

To start off I painted the wreath blue with some blue paint I had left over from a painting project. Then I flatened out the coffee filters and painted them and some small rocks from my yard, using the same blue paint and some brown paint leftover from painting my room. I also used a empty soup can, some branches from my yard. I then took the dry coffee filters and turned them into flowers....I will post a tutorial on how I did those later if anyone is interested.

Added a pom pom made from some leftover yarn. Glued some of the twigs from my yard onto the wreath then added some of large coffe filter flowers. Hot glued moss on a piece of the brown painted coffee filters in the shape of a nest, then glued three of the rocks I had painted in it. Then glued the nest to the wreath

I was pretty pleased with the outcome! Didn't even spend five dollars I only spent three Ya! But wait I'm not done. I had tons of moss and painted coffee filters left so I took the empty soup can, cut out some of the brown painted coffee filters in heart shapes and a few half heart or petal shapes and glued them around the can. Glued Moss around the top of the can, stuck some more branches inside. Cut mini flowers and glued two together and then randomly glued them to the twigs, and glued a few more of the painted rocks around  the moss.

Tada! My finished spring decor dollar store style all for Three bucks! I love it, what do you think?


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