Friday, May 28, 2010

Featured Yay!!!

Well I signed in to my blog and noticed that my Craft Can Organizer was being featured on Remodelaholic yay!!! I love this blog it alway's has so many great ideas and I am so honored that they did a post entirely of my organizer. Go check out the post here and while your there check out the some of the other great ideas on that site. Thank you for featuring little ole me!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Soda Can Flower Plant Poke

Wow!!! I made it to 100 follower's I can't believe it. So I'm working on a giveaway and will hopefully have it done and posted in a few day's I can't wait!!! So be looking for it!
Now on to the Soda Can Flower Plant Poke. Unfortunately we drink way to many soda's at my house I am ashamed to say. And after seeing some of the metal flowers that have been going around I wondered if I could make some out of our soda cans. So after messing around with them here is what I came up with...

I like them alot and want to make more I want to do a little tweaking to them so I don't use so much glue but here is what I did so far...
*Edited to add*
**Use caution when cutting cans wear protective eye wear and gloves clean up any pieces immediately and keep out of reach of children** Sorry I forgot to add that but I don't want anyone to get hurt making these.

1. Found the middle of the soda can. I actually just guessed at it and didn't draw on all of them. Then took a pair of old scissors and poked a hole for cutting in the middle.
2. Cut the can in half so that you will have two parts
3. Cut down to the bottom of the can on one side and on the opposite side.

4. Devide each half now into thirds.
5. Cut each side into thirds.
6. Fold each piece down.
7. Mark a rounded edge on each piece around.

8. Cut each edge rounded.
9. Repeat with the top of the soda can, pressing in the tab.
10. Now you have two flowers.

11. Paint your flowers if desired or leave how they are.
12. Then take and cut off the bottom and top around another soda can's so you have one long piece of aluminum and cut it in half.
13. draw a leaf shape on each half and cut out.

14. With the tip of a nail carefully etch a line down the middle of the leaf and the the side lines of the leaves.
15. With a strong glue, glue each leaf to the middle of a skewer and paint green if you want.
16. glue the flowers to the top of the skewer. I glued mine with a bottom for the front and top for the back and then turned it over and glued a top to the other top piece and a bottom piece on top of it so that the bottoms of the cans show on each side. I used three soda can's for each flower, but do it how you like.
17. Glue a piece of burlap or any other embellishment to the middle.

When I make them again I want to try and make hole's in the flower's and leaves and wire them to the skewer or dowel.

What do you think???

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Featured and Caught a Bug

Sorry My husband decided we needed to go out of town and get a truck because we sold all our other vehicles but one and he was needing a vehicle for driving to work and getting wood and all that other fun stuff! We went and stayed with his sister and were only supposed to be gone for the day maybe over night and ended up staying until this morning. We did find a great deal on a truck and had fun getting away! While I was gone I was featured here at Under the Table and Dreaming for my Typerwriter Key Wall Art! Yay!!! But seemed to have caught a bug while I was gone so I'm going to go try to get my house in order and some rest. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and be back with some fun news!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yummy Fudge Puddles!!!

So I was looking for a new cookie recipe to try for tonight and found this ymmy Fudge Puddles recipe on the Allrecipe site.

The kids were busy watching movies so I thought I could just hurry and whip some out but.....
This little man noticed I was making something and had to help. He is eating one he made all  rolled by himself!

Little miss had to go get her own pan to cook some in and here she is with hers.

Here is a close up of her's and now don't laugh....

Here is mine lol! Laugh all you want I am. She is obviously much better at filling them then I or was it that I was rushing to get them done haha let's just say that!

Now all the teenage boy's have found them so I better go save some for the hubby for when he get's home from work!

Good recipe but definately need to hide them from myself!!! I'm supposed to be trying to loose weight not gain it!! Why did I make these???

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Take of the PB Vintage Typewriter Board

So I have seen these all over and have wanting to make one myself and finally got around to it.
This one cost me practically nothing to make just a cardboard box and supplies I already had.
Want to make your own???

Here is the supllies you will need:

Modge Podge
12x12 sheet of scrabook paper
Black or White Cardstock if you want to print out the letters and numbers
Thick Jute rope
Tan and dark brown paint

So let's get started.......

Start by taking and tracing around your cardstock on your box and cut it out twice.

Where I cut out on my box it had a side that had two thicknesses of cardboard so if your's doesn't you may want to cut out small square pieces for each corner of the cardboard for added thickness.

Ok here is where I tried to just paint the cardboard but didn't like it so modge podge the scrapbook paper to you cardboard, Modge Podge the top of the scrapbook paper and let dry, then paint your card stock with the tan paint.

With a dry brush lightly dip your brush in the brown paint and paint off some of the paint on newspaper or scrap paper.

Then dry brush the brown paint on top of the tan..I then dry brushed more of the tan on top of the brown that was just my preference.

Then Measure and mark every two inches along the top and side of the card board and with your ruler mark your lines out vertically and horizontally.

Then I just took a brown permanent marker and retraced the lines with it.

Getting there now if you have a cricut you can start cutting out your letters in the font you want if you don't I just found a cool free font you can use for personal use here.

I think I cut mine out on two inches just see what you like.

Then I modge podge my letter and numbers on in each sqare...

Then I took the tan paint and a small craft paint brush and painted the lines around the circles to make it look more like a typewrite key. You can the do another layer of modge podge on top to seal it all and let it dry.

Then I took and hot glued the jute rope all the way around the sides of the cardboard.

I didn't like the color of the rope so I painted it with the dark brown paint.

I love how it turned out it's not as big as most of the other's I've seen but I like the size, you could make it any size you want.

Love it and love that it cost me nearly nothing to make. If you don't have all the supplies try making it with what you have!!!

Parties I'm linking to:

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Magnetic Clips

So this past weekend all the boy's went on a camping trip for father's and son's and since it was just Tae and I at home we decided to do a little craft together.

We decided to make magnetic clips and made them basically the same way as the clothespins on my Art Holder. I did use modge podge and glue for these though. Then we just hot glued magnets to the back.

Tae decided to paint her's pretty cute! Then the one in the middle she just glued a paper flower to it.
We had fun and it was fun to see what she came up with. She even wanted her step mom to come and spend the evening crafting with us so we invited her too. Don't have any pictures of hers though.

I love the numbers in the middle of these I got them out of a scrapbook paper set I got at Walmart.

I also really like the two plain ones without flowers. Now we have plenty of magnets to hang up all the reminders and important papers we need. They are so simple to make and are so cute so go make yourself some!!!

Hope your having a good week!!! I will try to get some more stuff up this week but it's pretty crazy here with the last week of school and so much going on!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Outfit 2

Fun Fun!!! My second dress this time I used a tutorial from Ashley at makeitandloveit I love how it turned out and so easy to repurose an old shirt so you already have the top done.

If you look close I added a bow to the front of the belt, and ruffles to the top of the shirt. Other than that I pretty much followed Ashleys tutorial.

I made a rosette out of a piece of scrap fabric and gluued it to a alligator clip.

Tae had fun posing and loves her new dress!!!
Don't you want to make one? Go here and check out the tutorial!!!

Go check out Elsie Marley flicker pool and look at all the other outfits being made.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dress and Headband

So I finished the dress for the Elsie Marley challenge...The chanllenge is to just sew for your children for at least an hour a day. I'm not the greatest sewer and am just learning so this took me quite a bit more than an hour. I can't read sewing patterns very well. LOL!!!

Not too bad. I got my daughter to try it on so I know it fits but she had a friend over so she was not wanting to model. Oh well!!!

I made a headband to go with it. I love how it turned out! Amazing what you can make with scraps!

If you want to try to make a dress I used This pattern I got mine from walmart.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kids Clothes Week Challenge

Well I just found the website Elsie Marley and she is having a challenge for this week to sew kids clothes one hour each day this week. I had been planning on sewing my daughter some summer clothes so this is just the motivation I need. I better go get busy if I'm going to fit my hour in today. Check it out maybe you will want to do this too!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Art Holder

First off I hope all you wonderful ladies had a wonderful mother's day...I know I did my family spoiled me! I got so busy I never had time to make some great packaging for my mothers day gifts so I just placed them all in a gift bag. My mother and mother-in-law both loved them. (I made double of everything).

Now on to the project...I don't know about you but I get so many beautiful works of art and love notes from my little kiddo's I decided to make a place where I could display them.

I had an old decoration you could use a board or even a piece of cardboard. Didn't use the pictured twine, I used ribbon instead, clothespins, scrapbook paper, paint, glitter,  glue stick and my handy glue gun...I didn't have any mod podge or I would have used that instead of the glue stick.

Start by painting your board whatever color you would like..

While your first coat of paint is drying trace around your clothes pin on your scrapbook paper and cut out.

Glue or mod podge to the front of your clothes pins....

You can do them all in different papers or use the same whatever you like...

Then cut out flowers out of the same scrapbook paper, I used my cricut and cut five for each pin at 1 1/4 inch. Then crumple all but one flower for each pin for texture...

Glue your flat one first then add three crumpled ones...

The last one you want to take and cut a slit to the middle in between two petals and glue the two petals together then glue to the top of the other flowers...

Here is how your pins should look...

Add another coat of paint if you need to to your board and let it dry...

Here is where I added ribbon because mine had holes where the decoration had a hanger before so while it added some decoration I did it mainly to make it look like the holes were there on purpose I just threaded each side of the ribbon through each hole on the back side and tied a knot and cut the excess ribbon off...

Next I cut out letters on cardstock with my cricut and arranged them on the board how I wanted if I had mod podge again would have used that here or if I had vinyl would have used that, but I'm using what I have...

Marked the middle of the back so I could make a hanger....

I just used wire wound in circles on each and hot glued it to the back...

I decided the word needed something else it was too white so I added glue where I wanted glitter to stick and sprinkled glitter all over, then tapped the excess off...

Then I glued the clothes pin along the bottom and a book flower thing on top and tada it's done just needs some art work...

Here it is with some drawings and some of the mother's day cards my children gave me. I love having a place to hang there precious drawings now and where I can change them out when I get more.

So now I have a question my paint is a light blue like the flowers so why does it look so dark in the pictures??? Just curious!!!


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