Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Have you ever had Carbon Monoxide Poisoning? Do you have a good detector?
No I am not trying to advertise a Carbon Monoxide Detector. We have a detector we make sure the batteries are working and check it by pressing the check button. But for some reason it looked as if everything was alright with it but it wasn't working. How do I know? Well I'm pretty sure I had it last week I went to the doctor for all my symptoms. Headache Nausea and vomiting and just feeling really week. He was wanting to run a bunch of blood test to see if I had Mono or something. Then as we were at one of the many football games of the kids this week I was telling my husband..."I feel so much better every time I get out of the house and I'm not even week in the 95 degree weather." On the way home he said he has been having headaches when he was home for long so he said "I wonder if we have a gas leak?" So when we got home he checked things out. Our heater pilot had blown out and every time the air conditioner would come on it would push the gas all through the house. So after turning off the gas to the heater and letting the house air out and being out of town all weekend, I'm finally feeling better so I'm finally back to working on a few things. I will have a tutorial up tomorrow. So sorry I haven't been posting much but I will be having more now that I'm back to feeling good. Now I just need a new detector does anyone know of a good one that WORKS?

Updated to add: I got this comment that is so full of information that I thought I would update my post and add the info. here in case there is someone else that needs this! Thank you so much for the info!!!

As an ER nurse and a firefighter's wife, this post caught my eye. I chatted with my hubby, and here are the suggestions from him. Carbon Monoxide(CO)is a byproduct of the actual burning, not of the gas alone. The CO Detectors usually only detect CO, not the natural gas that we use to power things in our homes. You need a natural gas detector. They can have combo ones called Carbon Monoxide and Combustible (explosive) Gas Detector, but you have to make sure. These detect CO, along with natural gas, methane, and propane. There is also a difference between a CO Detector, and a CO fire detector. The CO Fire Detector does not protect from CO poisoning, but senses a fire from higher levels of CO in the air. It is a lot of info, but remember, it is always ok to stop in at your local fire station to ask for advice. They would much rather spend a few minutes helping you get the right thing to protect you than the hours and heartache of trying to save your life or that of your family. Also, remember to check your smoke alarms. Change all your batteries whenever the time changes, and you will never have a dead battery. Cheap assurance. It is good to have at least one fire extinguisher in your home. Hope this helps!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Featuring You Friday

My first link up party went great thanks for all who linked up!

Here are some features of some great ideas from the party. It was so hard to pick just a few, I loved everything!

I just love this Starfish shirt from Bev at Flamingo Toes if you haven't checked out her tutorial yet go check it out Here.

This rocking chair redo is amazing you have to check out the before pictures to see how great this one is. Go visit Sherry at Frugal Fine Living to see this one Here.

Last but definitely not least this beautiful ceramic dough flowers made by  Farah at Craft "a" World 
make sure to go check these out Here.

Thank you ladies for all your crafty ideas! I can't wait to see your links next week. If you were featured grab my feature button! Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ruffled Felt Flower Tutorial

How cute are these Ruffled Felt Flower's?

Want to make one or a bunch?

You will need two colors of felt one for the flower and one for the leaves.
To start out you need to cut one long strip of the felt for your flower.

Cut slits down the the strip to about a half an inch from the bottom.

With a thread and needle starting at the bottom corner sew a upside down "V" in each rectangle.

After you sew each "V" or petal pull the thread tight to make the petal shape.

Continue till you have sewn each petal and this is what you will have.

Turn your petals into a circle forming your flower and stitch in place as you turn.

Now you have your flower make sure to leave the thread attached.

Cut a rectangle out of your other color of felt for your leaves.

Sew a upside down "V" in your leaf.

Pull your thread tight and stitch in place on the flower.

If you want to add a bead to the center of the flower leave the thread and needle attached and push the needle through the middle back of the flower.

Sew your bead in place and your flower is done!

Use them to embellish things like a phone cozy....or add it to an alligator clip for a cute hair accessory.

I made this one using the pattern I made Here. I used two pieces of felt for each pattern piece and used a blanket stitch to stitch it all together. I didn't use the sewing machine for this one at all. This is the perfect size for those toy cell phones so I'm going to save this for a Christmas gift with a toy cell phone.

Add it to an alligator clip for a cute hair accessory.

Have some fun making some "Ruffled Felt Flowers!"

Make sure to check out the parties I link to!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Your So Very Creative Link up Party

Welcome to my the first ever Your So Very Creative link up party I'm so glad you could join in the fun!
I can't wait to see all of your creative ideas.

First off grab my button and please put it somewhere on your blog so others can join in the fun. I don't care if it is in your link pages or however.

Me Making Do

Now for some fun rules :( 
Please link to your post and not your main page. Make sure to visit other link up's let's make this fun for everyone and everyone loves comments! Please no Etsy stores! Make sure to come back friday for "Feature Friday" and check out who was so very creative.

Let's get started:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Featuring You Friday

Hi and welcome to my very first Featuring You. Today I will be featuring fun projects that I have found from my browsing the Internet. Starting Monday I will be hosting a link party of all of "Your So Very Creative" ideas then on Friday's I will be "Featuring You" .

Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home  has made a few more lunch box tutorials. I loved the one that she made up for my Back to School  roundup I did and these ones are just oh so adorable don't you think? Go check out her tutorial Here.

And from Bev at Flamingo Toes this adorable End of Summer Wristlet. I can't wait to make me one of these! Go check out the tutorial Here.

I want to get a donut pan so I can try out these Baked Maple Cinnamon Donuts from Cooking with my Kid.

I tried this one out and my kiddo's helped make them. Root beer Cookies they were so yummy and got devoured fast! If you love root beer you have to try these cookies from Mrs. Bettie Rocker.

Make sure to come back Monday and link up "Your So Very Creative" items!!! Can't wait to see what you have!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boo Rose Bouquet

I love how these roses turned out they reminded of Halloween so I made mine into a Halloween bouquet. These are so so simple to.

All you need to make these are

  • Newspaper

  • Wooden Skewers

  • Masking Tape

Cut scallop shapes all down the newspaper the width you want your roses. Layer several papers together so you cut several roses at once.

Roll one piece of the scalloped newspaper up around a skewer then remove the skewer.

Holding it in your hand unravel till you get the desired rose shape you want.

Already looking like a rose here.

Put your skewer back up through the middle on the bottom side.

Pinch the rose around the skewer. Somehow missed a picture of this but now just wrap masking paper tightly around the bottom of the rose to and around the skewer a little ways to secure the rose to the skewer.

You can leave them plain or you could paint them.

I spray painted mine black and the added some navy blue to them, then went back over with black.
My vase is just an empty Crystal Lite container spray painted the black and blue. Then I just tied raffia around it and added the boo sign. To make the boo sign I just had small scraps of card stock I burned the edges of the white one as well as the oo and then just drew on the B with permanent marker. Glued the burnt card stock to a scrap of black card stock and just glued it to the vase.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School

All the kids back to school! They all started last week except for the baby he started today!

They are all goofy! Trying to get a good picture of all of them at once I think is impossible.

I think this one turned out the best they are all looking forward at least!


She is so excited to be at school!

This is as good as he would let me get.

He can't wait (new girls)!

Fine I will half smile for ya as I walk back in the house!

The oldest boy refused to have his taken alone!

And here is our little ham hamming it up after he got back from school today!

He wanted to pose all different ways!

His back pack that I made, I made it up as went a friend wants me to make one for her boy now so maybe I will do a tutorial as I make it.

Hope you are having a great week!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dollar Newspaper Wreath

This is a post of a project that I had done on a blog that a friend and I had started together and weren't able to keep going. I thought I 'd share it with you here. Cheapo wreath!!!!

Don't you just love when you think something up in your head and when you make it, it turns out better than you were even thinking? Well that's what happened with this newspaper wreath. I was wanting a wreath that I could keep up all the time not just for holidays.

So here is what you will need to make one.

A stack of newspapers, scissors, a hot glue gun, spray paint (optional),  ribbon (optional)
and the only thing that I didn't have that I spent money on was the green foam wreath which I got at dollar tree for of course $1.00.

Start by cutting up your newspaper in squares, don't worry about being perfect it wont matter. I cut down the center fold and then cut eight squares from each cut section.

Cut up a bunch till you have a pretty good pile, then you will take and scrunch up each square.

Then start gluing the squares to the top of the wreath, until it is full on top like this....

Now turn it over and start gluing more squares to the middle toward the front, until it is pretty full, I didn't worry about putting them as close as I did on the top but still made it pretty full.

Now you will glue more squares to the outer edge up close to the front squares. When you are done with that this is what the back should look like....

Don't worry about the back it wont show it will be to the wall. Here is what the front will look like, and you can leave it like this.

I think it looks pretty cute I just pushed the foam into a small nail in the wall here....

Or you can spray paint, and add glue a ribbon to the back like I did here which makes it look really elegant. I did one of each and love how the turned out!

So do you like it? I still have them up the plain one I ended up painting a blue, but I still love them!!!

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