Thursday, January 27, 2011

Want to Join Me at Spark People?

When I was younger I was sitting in class next to a couple of friends, when my eyes began to roll back into my head. Them just thinking I was being dumb pushed me and told me to "knock it off". Then I fell to the ground and started having a seizure. I woke up in the hospital with my parents and sisters surrounding me. Why am I telling you this? Well for the last twelve years I have been on medication that off and on I have used as an excuse because it can cause weight gain and I'm sick of it. I'm ready to take back the control. I'm ready to be healthy.

The last year watching my dad go downhill has been a living nightmare not knowing what will happen with him and being scared that I will get the call that he is gone is so hard. Not knowing from day to day how he will be. I want to take better care of myself so that my children hopefully won't have to go through this.

Any way I am just telling you in case any of you want to join me. Maybe you can help keep me on track. I'm sure you have all heard of Spark People? Well if you haven't and you are looking to loose weight or just a healthier lifestyle this is a great site to help and best of all it is free!!! I just signed up and am looking for anyone wanting to join me on my healthier lifestyle journey. Check out my page Here and add me as a friend if you join!!! I still need to add a lot to it but I'm just getting started!

Spark People has all kind of things on their site to help you stay on track, nutrition tracker, fitness tracker, weight tracker, recipes and a lot more go check it out!


Kathleen said...

Heather, I am a member of Sparks but have been slacking. I will start up again. I left you a message over there!

Michele Pacey said...

Hi Heather! Sounds like a great way to get healthy! Best of luck to you!

Michelle said...

I have been using Sparks to track calories, but I just created a page and added you!!


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