Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crafting With My Kids Bread Clay Beads

Today's craft we found on Martha Stewart and well my kids did have fun doing it but I don't think that we would do it again! This clay is a mess to make and I think I would rather just go the salt dough method but it was a fun change and something new to try.

All I had on hand was wheat bread so we used some hamburger buns that were going stale. They had fun tearing up the bread.

I added the vinegar and glue and let them mix it together and little miss grossed out the whole time as you can see by her expression. My little man however thought it was pretty cool even though he kept saying it was gross he laughed the whole time.

I added the paint and mixed it in. Little man had decided to make marbles out of his and she had made all kinds of beads. Kinda stopped taking pictures I guess I got to busy helping them. We laid them out to dry.

When little miss was stringing her necklace little man decided marbles were no fun so he strung some on some jewelry findings and added them to a carabiner. They are happy with their crafts.

We had fun and spent time together and that's what matters!

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