Thursday, March 17, 2011

Felt Easter Basket Pattern and Tutorial

This little basket reminds me of the Easter Baskets I used to have when I was a little girl.

Here is what you need to make one.
  • Felt in your desired colors
  • pins
  • needle
  • poster board
  • plastic canvas

You will need to cut out 12 side pieces from felt I like having at least 2 different colors.

1. Cut one of your side pieces in strips horizontally and one vertically for each side.

2. You will have one piece for each side that you don't cut into strips. Layer one of the cut sides doesn't matter either all your vertical or all your horizontal onto the piece that isn't cut into strips.

3. Now start weaving the other piece in and out of the side that is down.

Continue until you have all the pieces weaved pin around to tack the pieces in place

4. Sew around three sides leaving the top unsewn.

5. Cut a piece of poster board just smaller than the side piece and slide into the top unsewn slot.

Repeat with each side.

6. Repeat steps 5 and 6 with the bottom and the handle, but instead of poster board use a piece of plastic canvas to slide inside the handle.

7. Pin one side of the handle to a side piece and sew in place. Repeat with another side piece and the opposite end of the handle.

8. Pin all the pieces together forming your basket.

9. Hand stitch around all of your basket.

You are finished you have a cute little Felt Easter Basket.

I sewed on a felt flower you can add whatever you would like to embellish yours.

I would love to see yours if you make one!

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