Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trying Your Tute - Homeworks Springtime Baby Carrots

For today's "Trying Your Tute" I decided to make Homework's adorable Springtime Carrots.

Here is hers aren't they just so cute? I love them.

Of course I couldn't do mine exactly the same.

I made some small and small larger the larger are the size of an average carrot. Since the hole on the end was bigger I couldn't just glue the tassel in the end, so I folded the edges down to where they met and closed up the hole. I then just opened the folds back up stuck the tassel in and folded the edges back down around it. I didn't even glue them the folds hold it down.

Only problem when I folded it over it exposed some of the card stock underneath. It's really worse in the pictures though.

These are a fun cute and easy craft. Go make you some for your last minute Easter decor, or just to have. Who doesn't want some cute little carrots in their kitchen?

1 comment:

Angela said...

I had to look twice, they look so real.
Such a nice idea.


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