Monday, June 20, 2011

What's Cooking?

What's Cooking? I don't feel much like standing over the stove all night making dinner tonight so I know we will be having something like this...

Doesn't this Grilled Ham sandwich look great? Check out how to make it at A Mom not a Professional or a Perfectionist. I think hers look much better than the plain Ham and Cheese Sandwiches that I'm going to make. Next time I will have to try this one out!

This Bubble Pizza also looks yummy and quick to cook, that Big Bears Wife made.

These Summer S'more Cookies also from Big Bears Wife look very yummy also, my kids would love these.

Or how about S'more Cupcake (Yum) by Wayward Girls Crafts.

So what do you have cooking? I think I better go get started doing this post has made me hungry!


Jordan McCollum said...

Thanks, Heather! These all look delicious and I'm thrilled to be among them!

BigBearswife said...

thanks for much for featuring 2 of my recipes!!!


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