Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm Out

Well I was voted off So You Think You're Crafty. It was fun competing but I'm glad to not have to worry about it at the same time.

Here are my last few entries.

This space set was so much fun and so much work. My kids absolutely love it.

Here is the craft that got me voted off. I will post a tutorial for it hopefully tomorrow.

Summer has been crazy, I haven't posted too much. We have been busy playing with the kids and having fun. I hope to get back to posting more tutorials soon. I have so many ideas brewing (if they turn out).


Cheryl said...

I voted for both of those crafts. Sorry to see you off. I would love a tutorial for the space set. My boys would love it.

Cook Clean Craft said...

Sorry to see you get knocked out. I blame your darling space set for my cardboard rocket getting me knocked out, but it was probably a blessing in disguise. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Shannon said...

Love your rocket set. I would love a tutorial and would probably buy the pattern if sold on etsy!


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