Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sea Glass Picture Frame and Free Printable

This was a guest post I did for The Country Chic Cottage a while back, if you missed it there here it is.

Sea Glass Picture Frame

I love this little frame, and it is so easy to make it only takes a few items and a few minutes to make it.

If you would like to use the swimsuit print I made for mine just save it to your pictures and print it the size you need for your frame.

To Make this you will need:
  • Flat frame (I got mine at the dollar tree in a package of two can't beat $.50 for each).
  • Glass Gems (Dollar Tree again)
  • Glue that adheres to booth wood and glass (I think I got mine at Family Dollar and its called Duco Cement).

Add glue down the side and start adding your gems.

Keep adding your gems all the way down the side.

Finish all four sides.

Add the picture you want and your done! So simple I kinda feel silly having the tutorial I could of just had the picture and all you crafty people would have known how to do it from that. I love the outcome though. Simple quick projects are my favorite!

I hope you all enjoyed this!


Kei said...

That picture frame is sweet, and so simply made! I like seeing simple tutorials--gives me inspiration for when I only have time or energy for little crafting!

" me " said...


Karima said...

That looks great, what a fab job you did! Saw you mentioned on linky party, now google friend following you. Would love it if you popped by and maybe followed me too, Karima x


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