Thursday, August 18, 2011

Two Strand Braided Headband

This is a guest post I did for Vanilla Bean a while back and haven't posted here. Perfect for back to school for the girls.

I have a Braided Headband tutorial for you all today.

For this project you will need:
  • Headband
  • Two long strips of fabric (I used two strips from a Jelly Roll but any long strips will work).
  • Glue Gun
During this tutorial I will refer to the orange fabric as strip 1 and the blue will be strip 2

 Glue your fabric to one of the ends of your headband making a upside down V shape gluing the edges around the back.

Fold strip 1 around the back of the headband

Pull strip 2 around strip 1 and over the front of the headband.
Bring strip 2 around the back of the headband.
Bring strip 1 over strip 2 and around the back of the headband.

Continue this process all the way down the headband.

When you reach the end add glue to the end and glue the strips of fabric to the headband.

Turn the headband and glue the strips of fabric down in the back and cut off.
(Notice both the front and back have the braid showing and no headband).

Enjoy your new headband!

Sorry my model was missing during the photo shoot.

Use this braiding technique to make a cute wrapped bracelet too!

On the bracelet I left a long strips of fabric when first gluing to the bracelet then tied the end of the strips after braiding to the beginning strips.


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Vicky said...

What a cute headband! As the mom of 3 girls, I need some of these.

I am a new follower from the Show and Tell Linking Party at Blue Cricket Design. If you have a chance come by and say hi.


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