Friday, October 28, 2011

Felt Pumpkin Applique

Hi everyone, hope you are having a wonderful Friday. In case you missed my guest post here it is...

Bev said and I agree that this would make a cute banner and Lynn said she would like them as white coasters.

I made them into a headband for my beautiful girl!

Like I said before you could use the pumpkins for so many other things then just a headband.

How about adding it to a shirt. Put it on some scrapbook paper and frame it for cute pumpkin art. Or whatever your heart desires.

Here is what you will need to make the Pumpkin Applique
  • Felt (orange, green and brown or whatever colors you would like).
  • yarn or embroidery thread
  • Needle (yarn needle for yarn)
  • Elastic Headband (if your going to make a headband).
  • glue gun (also for headband)

To get started print and cut out your pattern pieces in the size or sizes you would like. Trace them on your felt and cut out.

I like to cut out two pumpkin shapes for thickness. You will also need two leaves and one stem. Thread your needle with your yarn or thread and tie a knot on the end.

Pull needle through one of the pumpkin shapes, then place the second shape on top sandwiched between the knot and the first pumpkin.

Do a running stitch around the entire pumpkin. I like to push my needle through to the back and then back up the front and pull the yarn/thread through.

Place the needle back through the last stitch made..... 

and pull back up. Repeat this process around.

Now draw your pumpkin creases like the above picture with a disappearing marker and stitch these with a running stitch as well.

Now add a leaf and stitch across the middle like shown and repeat with another leaf. Stitch the stem in place.

Now you have a cute little pumpkin applique!

If you want to add them to a headband then cut a rectangular shape of felt about the size of the pumpkins your going to use.

Place the headband in the center and run hot glue down the sides.....

Place your pumpkins on top and trim the excess felt off.

Add it to a cute little monster and enjoy!

You could also stitch on jack-o-lantern face for more of a Halloween look.

Thanks Karen for having me!


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