Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Bookshelf Makeover

 Before I get started I have some fun news! Last year I did an event on here called  A Crafty Creative Christmas. I have a great line up of guest blogger's to help you with Christmas decoration and gift giving ideas as well as several giveaways it's going to be fun and it starts November 14th. There will be a link up that will start on Nov. 13th that you can add all your Christmas related projects. If you want grab the button on my side bar so others will know about this event too!

Now on to my Bookshelf.

I've had this bookshelf for a long time. When I first got it I loved it, I loved the oak color and it was fun. But years went by and my bookshelf was looking rather drab! I didn't want to get rid of it because it was a sturdy little shelf.

(I didn't feel like putting the shelves back in sorry).
Yesterday I was walking by the bookshelf and I couldn't take it any more! I ran and grabbed some sandpaper and sanded the shelf to a little then slapped on some white paint I had on hand.

Much better! Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do?  Then I put my collection of bowls on it.

Dont' you love all my bowls? My dad has made all of them for me. He's amazing!  He can take a piece of wood that most people would throw away or just walk past and turn it into something beautiful.

I love the one on the top with the turquoise added. The frame he made from burnt wood someone gave him from one of the forest fires and put a picture of him and my mom and gave to all of us girls for Christmas last year alot of frames to make when you have six girls!

The one on the bottom with the heart has my name on it. He gave it to me full of candy for valentines day.

The one on top he gave me when I had been feeling down he said it was a thumbs up to help cheer me up when I look at it, and it does. On almost all of them he writes when he made it and what kind of wood it is made from and signs them love dad.

He has made hundreds and gives them to people all the time to help cheer them up or let them know that someone cares.

I had all my bowls scattered throughout my house but I love having all in one place and love how the white helps them stand out.

I hope you all are having a great day!


Kei said...

Great transformation! Amazing what a lick of paint can do. You certainly transformed your shelves from drab to fab!
I love that you kept a wood look with all the stuff your dad made. He's obviously a really talented guy!

Writer Crystal said...

What a sweet dad you have! I love the beautiful bowls!

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