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A Crafty Creative Christmas Gueast Simply Sweet Home

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Todoay I'm so excited to announce that we have have the very talented Jerri from Simply Sweet Home sharing a Christmas craft with us today. Jerri is also doing an awesome giveaway for us today so make sure to go check it out over here, you wont want to miss it! Welcome Jerri!



Hi  Me Making Do readers!  My name is Jerri, and and I'm really excited to be guesting posting here today for A Crafty Creative Christmas!

I'm a loving wife. My husband Mark and I are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary this December. We don't have any kids yet, so our world revolves around two "cat children."


I'm the owner of the blog Simply Sweet Home where I  feature recipes, product reviews/giveaways, and other fun ideas to help make your home a "simply sweet" home.  And I also have an Etsy shop called Simply Sweet Creations, where I sell handmade jewelry and accessories.

Today I've got some Christmas pillow boxes to share with you.  These could be used to put little candies in, to hand out at your Christmas party, or you could use them as favor boxes.  I've also used these to put jewelry in.

What You Need:
Card Stock
Wrapping Paper
Glue Stick

First choose some festive wrapping papers. For small boxes, paper with smaller patterns works best.

Take a piece of wrapping paper, and use glue stick to cover a piece of card stock with the paper. (If you'd like the insides of your boxes to have designs too, you can add paper to each side, but that's not necessary.) Now you've got some festive material for your pillow boxes!

If you have a Cricut or Silhouette machine, you can easily cut out your pillow boxes using that.  But if you're like me, and you don't have one, then you'll have to cut these out by hand.

To do this, you'll need a template like this:
You can find a printable version here.  Or you can go to Google, and just search for "Pillow Box Template," and you'll find others.

After you print out your template, cut it out, and then use it to trace the pillow box on to the plain side of the cardstock. (Don't worry about tracing the fold lines)

After you've got the pillow box cut out, fold it long ways (like a book), down the middle, as shown below:

Photo Credit

At this point I used tape to make a seam from the two sides.


Next just fold in the flaps on each end, and you've got a pillow box!  You can also add names tags, bows, or other embellishments if you have to fancy it up!


Thanks again to Heather for having me on today! Hope you guys will stop by my blog some time!

Don't forget to go check out the awesome giveaway Jerri is doing for us over here.

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