Friday, November 18, 2011

A Crafty Creative Christmas Guest Cook Clean Craft

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Today we are so lucky to have Narelle from Cook Clean Craft with us. She has a great blog with some fun projects and great ideas. Make sure to go check it out!

Hi, I’m Narelle from Cook Clean Craft. I’m an Aussie Mum, sharing family-friendly recipes, household cleaning and organization tips and fun crafts.
Kisses under the mistletoe – a cute holiday tradition! I don’t need an excuse to kiss my (not-so) baby girl, but thought a little bit of mistletoe would add some fun to her holiday outfits. Here’s the felt mistletoe hairclip I came up with:
And modelled by my sweet, little girl:
Who can resist kissing those chubby cheeks?
Here’s the how I made it:
Green and Red felt
Small white beads (mine were from a bracelet)
Small hair clip Thread
Cut the following shapes from the red and green felt:
Roll the green rectangle into a cylinder along the long side and pin in place:
Hand-stitch the cylinder closed:
Stitch three leaves into a group, then stitch onto the bottom of the cylinder. Then stitch the remaining 5 leaves into a group and sew higher up onto the cylinder:
Sew a couple of groups of 3-4 beads onto the stalk:
Make a small bow with the red felt (I did mine a cheat’s way as I’m not good at tying neat bows – form the long strip of felt into two loops and sew together, then sew the smaller strip around the middle of the loops):
Sew the bow to the top of the mistletoe:
If you wanted a Christmas decoration, you could sew on a loop or just use it like this. If you want to make it into a hairclip, read on…
Sew one of the clip cover pieces onto the back of the mistletoe.
Cut a small slit into the other clip cover piece and insert the clip:
Sew the two clip cover pieces together – I used a blanket stitch to create a neat edge finish:
There you have your mistletoe clip.
Find a cute little person, put the clip in their hair and smother them with kisses!
Thanks again for having me, Heather! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s Christmas Creations. Please stop by Cook Clean Craft and say hi!

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Lindsi B said...

Oh my word that is the cutest Christmas clip! I would love to have you share that with our readers

I am making this for sure!


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