Friday, November 25, 2011

A Crafty Creative Christmas guest Cup of Delight

Have you linked your Christmas projects here?

We have a fun and creative guest today. I love her blog and all the fun projects that she shares! Welcome April from Cup of Delight!

Hi ya'll! I am excited to be guest posting here today at Me Making Do-thanks to Heather for having me! My name is April from Cup of Delight and I love creating things.For Christmas, I try to make as many gifts and decor as time permits. 
Today, I am sharing with you how to make a cute yarn Christmas tree. I was inspired by a similar tree I saw at Target and thought, "I can make that!"
Here's How I did it :
  • yarn
  • Styrofoam cone
  • felt
  • twine
  • wooden buttons
  • 2-gauge wire
  • a couple stick pins
  • glue
    How To:
    1. Wrap yarn around  cone. I secured the end by wrapping around it and I secured the last end by gluing it to the bottom of the cone.
    2. Glue button to top (this will cover that part of the Styrofoam).
    3. Wrap twine around sparingly.
    4. Glue on wooden buttons.
    5. Make felt stars by tracing a star pattern or cookie cutter (that's what I used) on freezer paper (found in grocer store-this stuff is amazing for appliques!). Cut star from freezer paper then press on felt with iron for a few seconds. This will make the star shape stick temporarily to the felt. Cut around paper to make felt star shape and then peel off the freezer paper. Glue stars onto tree.
    6. I also used the cookie cutter to help me shape the star topper. Take 2-gauge wire and bend and shape around the cookie cutter to make the star shape-this may take a few tries of shaping. Twist the ends of the wire together to close the star. Wrap star with twine and tie ends together to secure twine. Shape star again around the cookie cutter-the twine helps stabilize it. Glue star on top and secure in the back with some straight pins through the twine.
    Have fun creating! And please stop by and visit me at Cup of Delight sometime. Merry Christmas!

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      Karen said...

      super cute! Love the felt shapes!


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