Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Crafty Creative Christmas Guest To Sew With Love

Have you linked up your Christmas projects here?

Today we have another very talented guest blogger and she has a great gift idea to share wth us all. Please Welcome Lelanie from To Sew With Love!

Hi there, Making Me Do fans! We are the ladies behind To Sew With Love and we are really excited to be guest-posting for Heather today.

If you are a DIY-er like us, then you would most probably be making handmade items as Christmas gifts. 

Today, we are sharing with you a quick tutorial of a eyeglasses/sunglasses sleeve. It would take you less than 15 mins. to make one! I am making many of these to give away on Christmas.

The measurement I used for this sleeve is 8" (W) x 9" (L), however feel free to change it depending on the size of the sunglasses or eyeglasses.

You will need:

 1 inner and 1 outer fabric
iron-on interfacing
faux pearl bead

First and foremost, iron-on your interfacing on the wrong side of each of your fabric.

Take a round item (I used a roll of packaging tape) and trace unto one of the edges of your fabric pieces.

Following your traced round edge, cut it carefully with a pair of scissors.

Get your outer fabric and sew on the lace.

With the remaining lace, I created a flower by creating pleats and had handsewn it on the fabric and added a faux pearl bead on top.

Sew on your tag. You can sew it on your inner fabric or on the outer fabric if you'd like your tag outside. Make sure you sew it on the side of your piece (the rounded edge will be the top side of our sleeve)

Place your fabrics right sides together (so the interfaced sides will be facing you). Sew them together with straight stitches leaving an area unsewn (2") so you can turn your piece later.

Cut the tip of the these edges.

Clip the rounded edges.

Carefully, turn it inside out.

Mark until where you would be sewing it close.

Topstitch the top of your sleeve (with the rounded sides) but only until 1" after the blue mark (as seen above)

Fold in half, inner fabric facing you, and sew two straight stitches with backtracks only to close the side.

Lift your foot with the needle down and turn your fabric until your fabric's side is parallel to the length of your presser foot.

Sew all the way down.

And the bottom. 

Turn it inside out and you now have your sunglasse or eyeglasses sleeve!

This sunglasses sleeve, however, is a part of a bigger set comprised of a carry-all, a make-up bag  made out of this tutorial we shared months ago and of course, the sunglasses sleeve!

Here's another shot of the set!

I hope you liked our tutorial and hope you can use it to create gift items this yuletide season!

If you have time, come and visit us at

Thanks, Heather, for having us here and have a fun, creative and crafty day everyone!



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