Monday, February 28, 2011

Want to Help me Celebrate..and My First Post

Wow I can't believe it has almost been a year since I first started this blog. Time sure does fly doesn't it? Well my first post was posted March 27th of last year and am trying to come up with some fun ideas for my bloggiversary. LOL! I don't know why but when I hear that it just makes me laugh. Any way I am wanting to celebrate the last week of march and am looking for anyone interested in helping. I want to have some fun tutorials and giveaways If you want to help out with a giveaway or a tutorial contact me at memakingdo at gmail dot com. The bloggiversary will run from March 24th through March 31st I can't wait!!!
Take a look this was my first post on this blog.

This is what I bought when I saw Lindsay's challenge to create a $5.00 spring decor from items from the dollar store.

To start off I painted the wreath blue with some blue paint I had left over from a painting project. Then I flatened out the coffee filters and painted them and some small rocks from my yard, using the same blue paint and some brown paint leftover from painting my room. I also used a empty soup can, some branches from my yard. I then took the dry coffee filters and turned them into flowers....I will post a tutorial on how I did those later if anyone is interested.

Added a pom pom made from some leftover yarn. Glued some of the twigs from my yard onto the wreath then added some of large coffe filter flowers. Hot glued moss on a piece of the brown painted coffee filters in the shape of a nest, then glued three of the rocks I had painted in it. Then glued the nest to the wreath


I was pretty pleased with the outcome! Didn't even spend five dollars I only spent three Ya! But wait I'm not done. I had tons of moss and painted coffee filters left so I took the empty soup can, cut out some of the brown painted coffee filters in heart shapes and a few half heart or petal shapes and glued them around the can. Glued Moss around the top of the can, stuck some more branches inside. Cut mini flowers and glued two together and then randomly glued them to the twigs, and glued a few more of the painted rocks around  the moss.


Tada! My finished spring decor dollar store style all for Three bucks! I love it, what do you think?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

You're so Very Creative

Hi guys welcome to another week of You're so Very Creative. I decided to start something new this week with having inlinks I can check the stats of each link so I decided I would feature on the day of the party the link with the most views from the past week. This week our most viewed link was...

Ten Things I Love About You Gift this is such a cute idea if you have yet to check this out go to Cup of Delight and take a look.

Bloom into Spring - my Etsy Treasury List

Get  a great head start on spring with these great products from Etsy Sellers make sure you check out my sponsors in this treasury...

Noodles and Milk- Great Patterns for Spring for you little one.

And for great Home Decor Items check our The Country Chic Cottage.

I had fun finding items to make this treasury I hope you enjoy it!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Featuring you Friday

You guy's are amazing!!! I love going through all the crafts each week and seeing what fun things you have been up to. You are all way to creative, its so hard to narrow it down to just a few each week!

I love this Old Shutter Headboard that Girl in Air made.

What a great way to welcome in spring with these Spring Burlap Cushions that Humble Homemaking made.

Another great burlap pillow this Pottery Barn Pillow by The Southern Stitcher.

How cute is this Big Boy Name Art by The Country Chic Cottage?

Oh my cuteness!!! What little guy wouldn't love to have this adorable Lightning McQueen Bed that Musings of a Glamourpuss made?

I know my little guy would love this DIY Worm Cupcakes that Ninth Street Notions Made.

It's amazing what you can make from empty toilet paper rolls I love this Faux Metal Filigree Frame by Susy's Artsy Craft Sitcom.

 Learn how to make Zinc Nameplates with Can't Stop Making Things.

Great job everyone! Grab a button if you were featured. Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Dad's Little Projects and More

My dad likes to tinker in his shop all the time. With his illness that is about the extent of what he does any more. He makes something from wood and then alot of times brings them to me and asks if I can paint them. No, I'm not the greatest at painting, but his tractors are so cute and I thought I would share them with you all. So just don't look too close to the paint job. I have shaky hands and it tends to show when I try to paint!

Aren't they just too cute? My kids want to play with them so I need to get them back to him now. The one on the left he made for my uncle for his birthday. The one on the right he has someone that wants to buy it. I think they would both look adorable in my little guy's room on a shelf! Maybe I should keep the eh?

Maybe I will have to make a poster out of the pictures and hang in his room.

Then we can keep a part of them too.

also I have had a facebook page for a while but haven't done anything with it. I finally got a button up so come like me on facebook!

One last thing my crochet patterns in my shop are on sale right now

Get my Flowers and Bows Five Strand Headband Pattern right now for only $1

And my Crochet a Cookie Pattern is only $1.50.

You can use my patterns to make items to sell also!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Featuring You Friday

Wow another fun week of link-ups! Some great ideas here are a few of my favorites from this weeks party...

Artfully @ Alterier Caroline made this great Anthro Knockoff Purse it looks so much like the original great job!

Another Anthro Knock-off Flamingo Toes made this adorable Anthro Head wrap Knockoff.


California Callahan's made these awesome Silverware Silhouettes.

Three Pixie Lane made the most adorable Valentine Lunch for her son, you have to check it out to see just how cute it was. What a fun idea!!!

Sew Can Do did the cutest Little Red Riding Hood Party, check out the Red Riding Hood Cape and Wolf Hat she made, too cute!

Thanks guys for your great link-ups this week!

Grab a button if you were featured!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ad Space Trade

Is anyone interested in exchanging ad space for a month? I love this idea and would love to exchange ads with you. If you are just interested in advertising on Me Making Do? I would love to have you too! Check out my low rates and options here.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Days for Girls How can we Help?

I am so happy to have Cindy from Days For Girls with us here today to share a little bit about the Days for Girls organization and what it is all about. So I will let Cindy take it away...

Heather, thank you so much for the opportunity to make a guest appearance on your blog! Days for Girls is so excited to be invited here to share a message. And I am really excited to write my first ever blog post!! So let me tell you how I got involved with Days for Girls.

Every year I faithfully donate to the charities of my choice through the CFC (the Federal Employees version of the United Way). Each year I meet the challenge to increase my donation by a percentage. Each Fall I pour over the booklet listing the approved charities to find one or two to whom I want to give. I look for the charities with the lowest overheads and I check out their website if they have one.

In the end, my giving feels kind of empty. I always wish I knew how the money is used and if it really helps. I always feel I should be more emotionally involved in charity than a mindless donation taken from my paycheck every two weeks. Well, this fall my wishes came true with a Facebook post from my beautiful sister LaPriel, who’s heart is so big!

It said,

Give a Girl Back Every Day of Her Life

What if not having feminine hygiene supplies kept you isolated during menstruation?

• No school for days
• No income for days
• No access to hygiene … for days

It happens every day to women in third world countries.

Handing out Kits in Kenya (Photo taken by Cheyenne Ellis)

And then LaPriel asked for help for this charity called Project Thrive, Days for Girls that provided washable feminine hygiene products to young girls and women in underdeveloped countries. These women had only unsanitary rags, or newspapers, or leaves and twigs, or nothing at all and had to miss days of school or work each month to deal with their menstrual periods.

When I thought about the impacts not having these most basic needs met would have on these women, their families, their communities, their countries, and on our world, it was heart breaking. One of those really big world problems, you know, that weigh you down.

Then I thought how I could go into my sewing studio and with my own hands make something beautiful and useful that Days for Girls would take to those women in need. I realized that in a very personal and quiet way, I could help to bring peace to this world, one pad at a time. Can you imagine? This is what I had been looking for. This is what I needed to do.

Colorful Pads ready to go

So, my lovely baby sister “sponsored” me with my first 10 yards of luscious soft diaper flannel from Very Baby ( I washed and ironed (yea, I ironed it smooth!) and cut diaper flannel in preparation for a Saturday sewing day where my daughter, my 9 year old granddaughter, and I spent the day surging and sewing square liners to go inside the waterproof shields being made by my sister that would make up a washable menstrual pad.

Flannel Pad Tri-fold Liner

It was my granddaughter’s first time sewing on the surger – she finished all the edges on the flannel. She worked the machine all day and loved it! We all had a great day together with opportunities to discuss menstrual periods, giving to others, and what the lives of the young girls and women on the other side of the world might be like. It was a day I will always treasure.

Within a couple of weeks, we had 150 pad liners in a box ready to be mailed to the Days for Girls Headquarters – or the “She Castle” as it is called – in Lynden, Washington. It felt exciting and a little scary to send that box of liners off. What if they got lost? We tracked the box until it arrived safely and got the nicest post on the Days for Girls Facebook page telling us how beautiful they were.

It’s hard to believe that it has been just five short months since I made that decision. Days for Girls is such a part of my everyday life. I am privileged to be working closely with Celeste Mergens, the Director of Project Thrive developing and maintaining the Project Thrive and Days for Girls website ( and working on the Big Blue Marble Tradeup fundraiser team ( My involvement has enriched my life in so many ways and I am privileged to be a part of something so important and so world changing.

Celeste Mergens, Director Project Thrive with Girls in Kenya

So, what can YOU do?

February is Send Your Love Month! Days for Girls is aiming for 500 kits in one month to fill requests to Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Haiti, and Madagascar. That's 5,000 liners, 1,000 shields, 500 undies, 500 washcloths, 500 drawstring bags, 1,000 baggies... well, you get it. So we need everyone’s help to accomplish this work. If this touches your heart in any way, make a goal that fits your life and circumstances and be a part of something wonderful. Together we can do it! World Peace, one pad at a time!

To keep up with what is going on with Days for Girls, watch our website and our Facebook pages, Days for Girls and Days for Girls Super Volunteers. Days for Girls is a program of Project Thrive, a US registered non-profit organization.

Wow, Thank you so much Cindy for sharing this amazing program with us. This really brought tears to my eye. I can't imagine living without the modern conveniences that we have. If this has touched your heart at all please help! Blog about it send others here to read about it or to the main Days For Girls web page. Let's help them reach or exceed their goal!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

You're So Very Creative

I have had a lot of complaints about the "Your so Very Creative" lately so instead of fighting it any more I am waiving the white flag and giving in to so that I don't have to keep explaining this in emails. So the party will no longer be "Your so Very Creative" and will be now correct as "You're so Very Creative" but until I get home to my home computer I will not be able to change the pictures and buttons. So Sorry they will be on here for another week.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Featuring You Friday

Sorry it has taken so long to get this post up today, I have been at state wrestling watching my step-son wrestle and didn't have Internet until I just got to the motel.

We had some cute link-ups this week...

Roseland Family made this adorable Valentines Day Wreath making felt roses.

Come on Ilene made this Ruffly Fluffy Flowery Sweetheart Pillow

I am loving this Black Ruffle Around Me Top  that Welcome to the Good Life made.

These 2 X 4 Sweetheart Blocks that my Creative Holidays made are so adorable!

My family used to always make Brownies just like these that Mommas Kinda Crafty made and they are soooo good!

Oh my goodness, aren't these Queen of Hearts Tart and Cake just too adorable? My daughter would love a set!!!

Thanks for linking up this week guy's You are all so Creative!!!

Don't forget to grab a button if you were featured.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Few Valentine Tutorials You Can Still Get Done

Do you have all you Valentines ready to go? Or have you been procrastinating like I have? Here are a few ideas that shouldn't take too much time.

How simple and cute are these DIY Doilie Candy Hearts that Shabby Chic Crafts shares?

I love this Made From Scratch Valentine Box that Delia Creates made for her hubby.


Or how cute is this Conversation Heart Box from Morgan Made it?

There you go if you have been procrastinating like I have there are a few things that you should still have enough time to whip out even if you have several kids to make them for like I do. LOL!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

You're so Very Creative

Well I decided to try out inlinkz since Linky started charging I had signed up for inlinkz several months ago but kept going with Linky cause I'm cheap. But I like that inlinkz lets you pay monthly and Linky is only a yearly fee and when you are already on a tight income that made the decision for me so hopefully you guy's all like the new inlinkz I will be using here.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Featuring You Friday

Some fun fun link ups this week if you haven't checked them out you should! It was so hard to pick just a few this week.


Krafty Kat made this Ballard Inspired Newspaper Dress.


Krafty Kat also made this cute Cupcake Wall Art.

Somewhere in Craftland made these cute I Love to See the Temple Word Art.

Flexible Dreams made this adorable heart apron from a pot holder and a dish towel.

Sassy Sites had a great idea to make A photo album from Cd's.

Pittypat Paperie made this pretty Coffee Filter Topiary.

I love the vibrant color House to Your Home painted her furniture makeover.

I love Flamingo toes He Loves Me Shirt.

Great link - ups this week guys make sure to grab a button if you were featured!



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