Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crafting with My Kids - Slime

This week for our craft we decided to make slime. The kids had a blast with this one, even the 15 year old came home and couldn't help but get involved!

Warning: if you make this your kids won't want to put it away to do anything else!

If you still decide to make it you only need a few ingredients; white glue, food coloring, water and borax go to the Family Fun website and get the recipe there.

Pictures tell a million words, as you can see they loved it. This craft is a winner I'm sure we will be making this again!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trying Your Tute - Homeworks Springtime Baby Carrots

For today's "Trying Your Tute" I decided to make Homework's adorable Springtime Carrots.

Here is hers aren't they just so cute? I love them.

Of course I couldn't do mine exactly the same.

I made some small and small larger the larger are the size of an average carrot. Since the hole on the end was bigger I couldn't just glue the tassel in the end, so I folded the edges down to where they met and closed up the hole. I then just opened the folds back up stuck the tassel in and folded the edges back down around it. I didn't even glue them the folds hold it down.

Only problem when I folded it over it exposed some of the card stock underneath. It's really worse in the pictures though.

These are a fun cute and easy craft. Go make you some for your last minute Easter decor, or just to have. Who doesn't want some cute little carrots in their kitchen?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

You're so Very Creative

Hi everyone, welcome to this weeks party!

Our top visited link from last week was...

Adorable Baby Shower Decor by Crafts & Sutch.

Here are a few more of my faves...

Sew Can Do's cute DIY Sherpa Shoes.

Polka Dots and Pizza's No Sew Shirt Up cycle how cute!

I love Landee See Landee Do's $100 Kitchen Makeover.

Thankful Sunday - My Family

Of course my first week of Thankful Sunday I would have to be thankful for Our "Yours Mine and Ours" family! When we are all together it is wild and crazy sometimes chaotic but I love all of them!My husbands daughter and her husband are in the middle. The rest are still at home. As you can see us girls are out numbered! Too many boy's but I'm thankful for them all.  People look at us like we are crazy when we walk in places with them all. I love the looks we get, it makes me laugh!

What are you thankful for?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fun Finds a BOGO and Discount

Today's Fun Finds come mostly from my sidebar, my sponsors.

NEW Noodles and Milk Sewing Pattern -Tutorial PDF DIY-Elizabeth Mini dress and Bloomers-Sizes 6mo to 5t
Adorable new pattern at Noodles and Milk.

Mommas Monkey Craft cute knit hat and she has a bunch of cute ones for sale in her etsy shop.

The Thriftress DIY Cafe Shelves.

Mommas Kinda Crafty cute Ruffled Skirt.

Some Cute things ha?

And just for fun right now in my shop buy one pattern and get another free through the weekend!
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Mechanic Race Track Shirt

I have been working like crazy trying to get this  finished.

the Mechanic Race Track Shirt
 Isn't he cute? He is such a ham!
I was wanting to make him a shirt that not only he could wear but also play with. Something that would occupy his time while we shop and he is "so bored". His favorite thing to do is play with his cars, so of course it hit a race track! I didn't just want a plain t-shirt so I found a pattern that I could make to look like a mechanics shirt. Love the pattern by the way.

The race track I made from an old sweater, then I stitched on the yellow lines with embroidery thread. The grass is just green felt, then the stitched red and white border. I made the flags from an old t-shirt and felt for the poles.

Race car parking pockets to carry his favorite cars, with an extra pocket on top.

Racing a car on the track!

He loves his new shirt, it makes him feel so cool! It even has is name embroidered on like a real mechanic.

Peace out everyone!

And while he is telling you all peace notice the red of the sleeve? Yes this shirt is fully lined so it is red inside.

I hope you like the Mechanic Race Track Shirt, it was a lot of work and it's definitely not perfect but I love how it turned out and so does Dayton.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Burlap Planter Cover and Plant Tutorial

While Browsing Pottery Barn I came across a picture and loved the burlap cover over the planter. I have a lot of burlap left over from other projects and the ribbon around it looked very similar to some I knew that  I had so I decided to try my hand at making my own. I had everything I used actually already, I didn't have to go out and buy anything. The greenery I almost threw away from an old swag, I'm glad I didn't!

Here is my version

Live Rabbit Foot Fern

Here is how I made mine...

You will need a planter of course (I got mine from Dollar Tree in a three pack) and since every planter is different I didn't make a pattern.

Here is what you will do though. I wanted the base to be bigger so I traced adding about a half inch around the top of my planter.

Then I measured around the largest part of the planter and added a half inch or so for sewing. Then measured the height and added two inches to that. I ended up with the above piece that is folded over, so a long rectangular piece.


Sew the short end  together with a zig zag stitch.

Now if your side piece is bigger around then your bottom piece you will need to do a long stitch and adjust your side piece to fit your bottom piece. Mine worked out perfect and there was no need for this.
Pin your bottom to your side and zig zag stitch together.

Fold over the top edge and straight stitch around the edge.

Place your planter inside and tie a ribbon around it. Your done with the burlap cover now just add a live plant or if you want to add fake greenery or flowers keep reading.

Add some small rocks to the bottom of the planter for weight. Cut a Small piece of floral foam to fit the planter and add hot glue to the sides where they touch. Add hot glue to the top of the foam &....

add Spanish Moss on top.

Start poking your fake greenery into the foam continue until it is full.

And your done!

What do you think? Not to bad for not having to go out and buy anything. I love the projects you can make when you already have everything on hand.

Now I want to make some more and add some live plants and flowers.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CSN Winner Redraw and Some Features

Well the CSN winner didn't leave a e-mail address and I couldn't find one and she never contacted me so we are going to try again.

And the winner is....
Domestic Diva said... Thanks for the chance. I like this swingset:

You did leave your email so I will be emailing you!

And now some features from the party.

Have you checked out Flamingo Toe's Antrho Necklace Week? This necklace is gorgeous and it is just the first make sure you check out all the others she has made too!

These White Chocolate Orange Cookies from Landee See Landee Do look and sound so good.

And how cute is this Goodies on the Go Carrier from Sassy Sites made from an up cycled ice cream container?

I love Tattered and Inked's Shanty Chic Blue Table. I need to redo some of my old furniture!

Great job ladies, grab a button if you'd like!!!

Crafting With My Kids Bread Clay Beads

Today's craft we found on Martha Stewart and well my kids did have fun doing it but I don't think that we would do it again! This clay is a mess to make and I think I would rather just go the salt dough method but it was a fun change and something new to try.

All I had on hand was wheat bread so we used some hamburger buns that were going stale. They had fun tearing up the bread.

I added the vinegar and glue and let them mix it together and little miss grossed out the whole time as you can see by her expression. My little man however thought it was pretty cool even though he kept saying it was gross he laughed the whole time.

I added the paint and mixed it in. Little man had decided to make marbles out of his and she had made all kinds of beads. Kinda stopped taking pictures I guess I got to busy helping them. We laid them out to dry.

When little miss was stringing her necklace little man decided marbles were no fun so he strung some on some jewelry findings and added them to a carabiner. They are happy with their crafts.

We had fun and spent time together and that's what matters!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trying Your Tute and a few other things

So Today is Trying out your tute

Remember this little wreath I featured the other day....

Well I had a lady give me some old books the other day and one of them was one I would never read so I tore the sucker apart and turned it into this..

The wreath I had was huge and the book pages were pretty small and I made this wreath so dang full it took all 300 + pages of the book to make it. But I love it and the pictures don't do it justice. It's raining outside and dark and I can't seem to get a great picture.

See? I don't know why the pages look burnt, they aren't they are aged a bit but not like the picture looks.

Oh well thanks Born again Crafter for a great tutorial!

If you would like me to Try out You're Tutorial send me a link!


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