Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

From our Family to yours!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Few Christmas Features

Make sure you come link up what your Christmas Projects here.

Scraponique has made some of the most beautiful ornaments these adorable Hearts are just one of the many you will want to check out.

These Joy Stocking Hook Inserts by Revamp Homegoods are a cute way to make those stocking holders a little more festive looking.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Winner & Features

The Winner for the giveaway with Jessa Irene Gifts is....


Congratulations, I will be contacting you shortly!

Check out these fun Christmas projects from the link up...

Thanks for linking up! Make sure you link up your Christmas projects here.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Crafty Creative Christmas Roundup & Thanks

A Big thanks to all of those who helped with A Crafty Creative Christmas this year! I couldn't do it without you all from everyone who helped with posts to all you who come to read THANK YOU!!!


Here is the roundup of all the projects that were shared during the series....

I'm not sure what happened to the picture of the next one but Cup of Delight shared Yarn Wrapped Trees.
16 7 1 20 Super Easy Decor Ideas for Christmas
Mittens Ribbons by Flamingo Toes.

Christmas Printable by Holiday Haven.

And lastly my Lace and Leather Ornament.

Don't forget to come enter to win your set of these adorable mice over here.

Thanks again everyone!

Don't forget to link up your Christmas projects here. I will be featuring them through Christmas!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Crafty Creative Christmas a Simple Lace & Leather ornament

Link up your Christmas projects here.
Make sure to enter the giveaway with Jessa Irene Gifts here.

Today I have a simple Lace & Leather Ornament to share with you.

Here is what you will need:
  • small glass ornament
  • flat stretch lace
  • leather trim
  • mod podge
  • leather trim
  • glue gun
  • glass beads (optional)

1. Start by removing the end off your bulb. (Oh lovely you can see my reflection in the bulb  Oh well).

2. Coat your bulb with a thick layer of Mod Podge. (sorry about the blurry pictures in these first two).

3. Wrap a piece of lace around bulb, coat with Mod podge and secure with small plastic hair bands on the bottom and around the end. When dry trim off excess lace and hair bands.

4. Replace the end back on your bulb. Glue leather trim around the top.

5. If you want add a little lace bow and pearls.

Your done! how easy was that?

I hope you have enjoyed this year Crafty Creative Christmas. Come back tomorrow to see the round-up of all the crafts shared and don't forget to link up your Christmas projects here. I will be featuring Christmas Crafts linked up through Christmas.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Crafty Creative Christmas with A Holiday Haven

Enter your Christmas projects to the Christmas link up.

When I first started blogging and hadn't a clue what a feature was but I was so thrilled when someone featured my first post on their blog and that was Jessa from A Holiday Haven. I love Jessa's site she has so many fun Holiday inspired ideas. She has been sharing free printable and was so sweet as to design some just for us. Thank you so much Jessa!  Jessa is also doing a great giveaway for us she is giving away a set of these adorable Christmas Mice.......

Head on over HERE to enter.

Here is what you need to do for the printables.......

To print: Click on the printable to view it full sized. Click again to make sure it is fully expanded. Then select 'file' and 'print' from your browsers menu to print or right click on the printable and choose printing options from there. If you have any trouble try saving to your computer and printing from there. (Personal use only).

Thanks so much Jessa! Make sure you go visit her at A Holiday Haven and say hi and remember to go enter for your chance to win a set of  her adorable Christmas Mice.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Crafty Creative Christmas Guest Flamingo Toes

Have you entered your Christmas projects here?

Hey everyone I am so excited to announce today's guest who needs no announcing the she is famous for all her anthro knock offs miss Bev from Flamingo Toes. I had the opportunity to actually meet Bev a  while back and she is the neatest person! Please welcome Bev!

Hello Me Making Do readers!!My name is Bev and I blog over at Flamingo Toes!.

I am so excited to be here today as part of Heather's A Crafty Creative Christmas series!!I was lucky enough to meet Heather a few months ago and she is just as sweet in real life and she is on her blog! :)

So I really am loving all the cute gift wrap ideas Anthro has right now. I made their cute gift tags a few weeks ago - and I've had my eye on their sweet Mittens Ribbon too!I thought they'd be perfect to share here.
Here is my version:
And here's Anthro's:
Aren't they fun?
Here's what you'll need to make your own set of tiny mittens!
Old Sweater Felt Yarn Sewing machine (or you could probably do it by hand if you want)
Draw out a small mitten pattern. Cut out 4 mittens of felt and four from the sweater fabric.(if your sweater is really thick, you can skip the felt.)
Make sure you cut out 2 facing left and 2 facing right.
Take a set of mittens and place them right sides together with the matching pieces of felt.Sew across the top edge with a small seam.
Turn the pieces right sides out, like the mitten on the right (above). Place the two pieces with the right sides (sweater sides) together.Sew around the mitten, leaving the top open.
Clip the part point between the thumb and mitten and trim around the curves.Turn right side out.
Repeat with your other mitten.
Cut a length of yarn the length you'd like for your package. Knot each end and sew the knots to the inside of the mittens.
Now you've got a super cute gift decoration!!
Wrap up your boxes with your super cute mittens!
I hope you like them!
I'd love for you to stop by Flamingo Toes sometime and say hi! You can check out my other Tutorials here.
Thanks so much for including me in the series Heather!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Crafty Creative Christmas Guest Sassy Sites & Winners

Sorry guy's I meant to have the winners up last night but had no electricity half the day then when that was fixed we had no phone or internet so now that every thing is working The winner of the giveaway from Simply Sweet Home Giveaway is:
The winner for the Patterns from Sweetie Pie Baker is:
Congratulations ladies I will be contacting you shortly!

Today's guest is the sweet and sassy Marni from Sassy sites. I'm so excited to have her guest posting here. So welcome Marni!

I am so excited to be here at Me Making Do today! Just to give you a little idea of who I am... Sassy Sites is a place where you will find everything YOU create! Why? Cuz I LOVE sassy sites!!

I take my favorites and most popular finds from link up parties and pinterest and feature you! Every Monday, I do a "made by me"- and that's the only day that I am actually 'crafting'. :) Every other day is about your SASSY SITES! Today, I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorite Christmas finds that have been spotted around blogland. Heads up... it might be YOU!! ;)

16 7 1 20 Super Easy Decor Ideas for Christmas


framed christmas tree from

Better Homes and Gardens

Fabric scrap Christmas tree


Santa Breakfast from


Santa Party Mix from


Santa Pillows from


free printable subway art from

eighteen 25


and this is one of my MOST favorite Christmas finds! Now you will have the proof to show your kids that Santa was really in your home on Christmas Eve night!

I caught Santa! from

Capture The Magic

Pinned Image


Speaking of Christmas...

We are having a Sassy Christmas party over at Sassy Sites through the whole month of December. A different Christmas theme link up party for each day! Come by and take a look!

Thanks Heather for letting me guest post today!

Merry Christmas to all the Me Making Do readers!!




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