Thursday, March 15, 2012

Can YOU Guess what These are?

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I have been working on something. Kinda fun ha? I love the colors? Alright now, this is a little teaser.....What do you think these are? 

Do you think you know? Are you sure?

What do you think I will be making with these?

Really try to think of what the base is made from!!!

Let's see if anyone can guess.?.?.?.?

I will be back tomorrow with a tutorial for these little gems. In the meantime get guessing and leave a comment on what you think the answers are.



Cerise said...

I'm guessing washers, BUT I do have some plastic beads in my stash that look very similar...except without the pretty yarn. I've been meaning to wrap them and make a necklace.

Shannon Quinn said...

My guess is washers for sure, though I may be wrong. I saw a tutorial recently where someone cut these exact shapes from cardboard actually,but I'm guessing washers:)

Dawn Ruth said...

Well they could be washers but they could also be plastic tub lids with holes in the centre. I use this sort of thing when making hat pompoms/bobbles. I have also made soft wool footballs for toddlers to use in the house using a lid from a paint tub (plastic variety) which I just cut the centre out of in order to thread the wool around it. In assorted sizes and colours these could make a great wall hanging


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