Thursday, April 19, 2012

Denim Flower

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First off did you notice I am now No more so much better! And how do you like the blog makeover? I still have more I want to play with and fix but for now it is looking much nicer! Now on to the project!!!

My daughter had a pair of jeans that the crotch blew out on and she came to me and asked..."Mom can you patch my pants?" Me "Ummm no I don't think I will be putting a patch there." LOL!!! So instead I decided to cut into the pants and make a denim flower from them.

Can you see the problem? They were pretty bad!

I just made a petal shape and cut out several on the fold and 2 not on the fold.

Starting with the 2 not cut on the fold, I rolled the sides in toward the middle and stitched with crochet thread. It's nice and thick and will hold well. If you don't have any just use sewing thread.

Placed the second petal around the first and stitched in place.

Now onto the ones cut on the fold! Do a running stitch across the bottom.

Wrap around the other 2 petals. Keep repeating this until you have your flower as big and full as you would like.

Pretty simple and now you have a cute denim flower you can add to a jacket, headband, clip, purse or whatever you would like.

I still have most of the pair of jeans left so be watching for more projects made with them!

If you make any I would love to see them!

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Paula said...

Neat Idea. Nice tutorial

Hani@Craftionary said...

Love the flower.. Thanks for linking up at friday fun party..

Michele Pacey said...

I'm a fan all things denim and your flower is no exception. Pretty!

The Bishop Family said...

Thank you for inspiring me to reuse my old jeans and make something lovely! I posted a blog today linking back to your post. Thank you!! :) Blessings to you!

Jennifer said...

very cute! your flower turned out great and i love that it comes from a pair of old worn out jeans.


Ridgeway Cottage said...

That is such a clever idea. I am always trying to recycle, reuse and repurpose our old clothes. Fabric flowers are so versatile. Thank you for sharing

The Belly Dancer said...

Awesome tutorial! I have pinned. Love the flower, recycling and have a few jeans I need to get rid of, I am going to be trying this. New follower, I know I'm going to love visiting your blog in the future.
Have a great evening.


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