Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Building a Swing Set

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I have been a little busy....We are building a swing set. Not just a small swing set, oh no this thing is HUGE! My kiddo's are so exited!
This project has been so much work! We don't really have a plan were just winging it! Yeah my hubby is pretty awesome and just does it all in his head!! Me? I just do what I'm told!

The kids have helped a little but mostly they have just been asking when it will be done. Even some of the older kids have helped a little. Here is one of my son's helping us put together the this slide.

Here are all the posts after we poured the concrete around them.

Here is where we we have gotten to on it. . A lot more work to go, but it is coming along good! We seem to get a lot more done when the kiddos are at school and not palying where we are working.

So....... I"m not ditching out on you all but crazy busy trying to get this all built! I have the wind/sunburns to prove it! Yeah I haven't been smart enough to wear sun screen so I'm about as red as my little guy's shirt!

We still have monkey bars, tire swing and alot of painting but hopefully we will be done with this project in the next few day's and I'll update with more pictures!

Hope you are all having a great week!!!!


Jill said...

That turned out awesome. Kids need to come play.

marlenetrainer said...

Hi I really like your swing set. I want to make something like this too for my kids.


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