Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stuck In A Tight Spot

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Do you ever feel like you are stuck with no where to go? Try as you may you just can't break free?

Well this was the case for one little lizard! My mom and sisters stopped by and when they were leaving they noticed this little guy. (Had to catch of photo of him and my little man).

Lol!!! This little guy was really stuck but he was still gracious enough to strike a pose for the camera. Pretty cute ha?

He thought he could squeeze himself through that small opening but boy was he wrong!!! He had really gotten himself in quite a jam!

Poor little guy! We couldn't help but laugh it was too funny. How often do you see something like this?

Don't worry though, we got him free. I think he was having a heart attack for a minute but ended up running off  so no worries he is alright! Hopefully he has learned his lesson and won't get stuck in a jam like this again!!!!

 Thought you might enjoy a little laugh! Have a happy Day!!!


Debby said...

So funny, poor little fellow. That first picture should be entered into a contest.

Sofia Morgado said...

What a lucky momento for you and your camera! Cute litle guy indeed! ;)

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Oh goodness, that's pretty funny. I mean, sad, but funny :)

Bunch of Bishops said...

oh i laughed so hard, and then could totally relate to that poor lizard. i've been there a few times - haha.

great post! made my night!


Bunch of Bishops said...
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