Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Book Page Planter

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I signed up to take part in a fun challenge a while back at Crafting in the Rain. Steph gives you a secret ingredient to work with and you make something from that. This month's secret ingredient was book pages.

I decided to make a planter since it is the time of year where I'm wanting to plant flowers. I just stuck a plant I had in the planter for the picture. I will change it out with flowers later.

The supplies you need to make the planter are....
  • An old book
  • Chalkboard or any other paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Brushes
  • Sealer
  • Clay pot

To Begin start painting on your Mod Podge. I used an old credit card to help press down the pages.

Continue adding pages and strips of pages around the entire pot. Trim off the book pages around the bottom of the pot.

Add Mod Podge over the top of the book pages and when dry spray with a sealer. (I still need to do this step). Paint on your chalkboard paint. If you aren't using chalkboard paint the paint first then seal the pot.

Enjoy your new Book Page Planter!

Thanks Steph for letting me be a part of this month's challenge, it was fun!!!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stuck In A Tight Spot

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Do you ever feel like you are stuck with no where to go? Try as you may you just can't break free?

Well this was the case for one little lizard! My mom and sisters stopped by and when they were leaving they noticed this little guy. (Had to catch of photo of him and my little man).

Lol!!! This little guy was really stuck but he was still gracious enough to strike a pose for the camera. Pretty cute ha?

He thought he could squeeze himself through that small opening but boy was he wrong!!! He had really gotten himself in quite a jam!

Poor little guy! We couldn't help but laugh it was too funny. How often do you see something like this?

Don't worry though, we got him free. I think he was having a heart attack for a minute but ended up running off  so no worries he is alright! Hopefully he has learned his lesson and won't get stuck in a jam like this again!!!!

 Thought you might enjoy a little laugh! Have a happy Day!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bar Stool Makeover

We had a couple of old bar stools that were looking pretty hammered.  I forgot to take a before picture but here is what they started out looking like.

only much much worse!!! I had painted them white a couple of years ago and they were pretty scratched up.

So I whipped up a couple of batches of homemade chalk paint. One in turquoise and one in a chocolate brown. I painted the top with the brown then used two lighter colors of brown to add stripes and give it some what of a wood grain look.

Then I painted the legs the turquoise and did some distressing.They look much better and I love how they turned out!

Have you tried your hand at chalk paint yet? If you haven't, you should I love the transformation it makes on my beat up furniture. So fun to turn something old and make it new again!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

You Made Do: Denim Flower

I'm still around really! We have still been working on the Swing Set when we have spare time. So a lot of my time has been spent there. I will have updated pictures soon. We have all of the end of the school year stuff going on and the kiddos have baseball games. We have a horrible flu bug going through the house, so I have been dealing with that nastiness as well. I will be back next week with some fun stuff!

I want to start doing a You Made Do where I feature what you have made from my tutorials. Today's feature comes from Janiene of A Bunch of Bishops. She used my Denim Flower tutorial to make her own Bluejeans Blossom.

It turned out great! I'm always so flattered when someone uses one of my tutorials! Thanks for trying it out Janiene!

If you use any of my tutorials I would love to see what you make!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all of you ladies out there. I hope today is a special day for all of you because no matter what your circumstances may be you are special and you make a difference in the lives that you touch!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mirror Makeover

I love taking something old and turning into something new. I had an old mirror that used to be up in my daughter's room several years ago. At one time it was really cute with little butterflies and flowers adorning it. Well some of those had broken and fallen off and it didn't look to great any more. I had taken it down and put it up in a closet to be forgotten about. I came across it the other day and had seen this mirror makeover and decided to do something similar.

It was in pretty bad shape. The decorations that were left I had previously taken off and used on other projects. So what was left was a very ugly in bad shape mirror.
I took it out to our shop and sanded off the glue and tried to get a better base to paint on.
Then I painted on some burnt umber acrylic paints on the corners and edges. Smeared on Vaseline where I wanted the distressed look like this tutorial. Then I coated it all with a cream coat of paint. Added some tape for some random lines. Then added a Teal paint over the top. Then let it dry for a few hours.
Then I watered down some the Burnt Umber Paint and painted it all over. Then took an old rag and wiped it all of. This helped age the mirror and also took off more of the paint from the Vaseline areas giving it an even more aged look.

Ah so much better! I was left with this pretty "Old New Mirror". I love how it turned out and love that I made something old that was no longer useful into something useful once again.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Building a Swing Set

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I have been a little busy....We are building a swing set. Not just a small swing set, oh no this thing is HUGE! My kiddo's are so exited!
This project has been so much work! We don't really have a plan were just winging it! Yeah my hubby is pretty awesome and just does it all in his head!! Me? I just do what I'm told!

The kids have helped a little but mostly they have just been asking when it will be done. Even some of the older kids have helped a little. Here is one of my son's helping us put together the this slide.

Here are all the posts after we poured the concrete around them.

Here is where we we have gotten to on it. . A lot more work to go, but it is coming along good! We seem to get a lot more done when the kiddos are at school and not palying where we are working.

So....... I"m not ditching out on you all but crazy busy trying to get this all built! I have the wind/sunburns to prove it! Yeah I haven't been smart enough to wear sun screen so I'm about as red as my little guy's shirt!

We still have monkey bars, tire swing and alot of painting but hopefully we will be done with this project in the next few day's and I'll update with more pictures!

Hope you are all having a great week!!!!


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