Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm Back

Well I'm back from a long unintended break. I never planned on disappearing from my blog but life happened and things for my family and I changed drastically. Things were going pretty good for us my husband was given a foreman position at the plant he worked for. We felt like all the hard work he put into getting the job was finally paying off.
When life changes
 to be harder.....
Change yourself
to be STRONGER..

Then came the announcement......The Paper mill he worked for decided that they were going to shut down. Newsprint is no longer  in high demand in our high tech world. In our minds we new it was coming but never expected it to happen so soon.

My husbands last day of work was the first of October, 2012. It hit us hard...It hit a lot of people from our small community hard. The paper mill was the biggest employer of our area. A lot of people had to move and leave their homes to go find work elsewhere. A lot of peoples lives changed. Though at times we feel like it is only us affected when we sit back and think we remember hundreds were.

My husband came to me one day and told me "I want to move to another state and go to this tech school". My reaction "HECK NO!!! (heck may or may not being the word used). I am not leaving my house and my family and relocating our children to some strange place we don't even know"!!!!

We grew up in our small town, our kids had only experienced living in our small town. I didn't want to have to go somewhere else and start all over. It was comfortable and we felt safe there  We knew most of the town, both of our families were there. I didn't want to take my kids somewhere else. I wanted them to finish growing up with their cousins and friends they had. I didn't want to yank them away from the life the knew and loved.
changes things....
Well my husbands family decided to pray for us. We were praying to find an answer of what we should do.  My husband came home one day and much to my surprise out of my mouth came "We need to move and you need to go to that school." HA? WHAT?WHY? WHAT THE HECK WAS I SAYING?!? I didn't want to move! But for some reason this is what we needed to do. Things fell into my place. My husband passed the entrance exam for the school. A family contacted us and wanted to rent our home. We hadn't even put it up for rent. The hardest part was finding someone to rent out a place to us in the area we would be moving to when we didn't have jobs. And although it took a while someone did rent a place to us. Of course its for much more than we were hoping we could find a place to rent for. But at least we have a place to live.

In November we left our home in Arizona and moved to Washington. It's been hard, really hard. A couple of our teenagers one of mine and one of my husbands decided to stay in Arizona they didn't want to leave what they knew. Really I couldn't blame them but my heart broke and still breaks. I had never really left my kids. I DIDN'T want to leave my kids but I didn't have much of a choice. I wanted to just drag him with me but unfortunately he was old enough to choose for himself.

Stop worrying, wondering and doubting.
 maybe not how you planned
but just how it's meant to be. 
We showed up in Washington without a job not knowing anyone and not knowing for sure how everything would work out.Things were going alright other than my occasional break down from being away from my son, Christmas came and we went back home and spent it with our families. My oldest son that had came with us initially decided he wanted to move back home. So after Christmas we headed back to Washington leaving three of our teenagers behind, one of my husbands and two of mine.
It's been heartbreaking and hard. I don't love the area we are in it doesn't feel like home. I miss my children dearly. I miss my home, I miss and yard we worked so hard to build. I miss my young children having their own area to play. I miss what our lives used to be.

I know in a few years from now we will be in a much better place.. I know there is a reason why we are where we are at sometimes it would be nice if we could look ahead and see the big picture of why we are going through what we are and know that it will be alright and everything will work out. Unfortunately that's not how it works.

Look for something
 POSITIVE in each day,
 even if some days
 you have to look harder.
 Let challenges make you
 We are strong, we will make it through this. My husband at least have a part time job and  has started school. We have met new people some friends here. Our young children like it here and enjoy school and the friends they have made. I am thankful for cell phones and being able to talk to and check on the boys I have left behind every day. Things will be alright!!!

  I have been trying to get busy making things to sell in an online shop to help with our finances so that we can make it. I hope to be listing several items this week and will share them here as well when I do. Untill then....





Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

Heather It's nice to see you back! I'm sorry it's been such a crazy year! I hope things smooth out for you soon.

Dawn Ruth said...

Hope you have a better time of it in future

Andaira said...

Aunque debe de ser muy angustioso, intenta sacar lo positivo de tu situación. Por ejemplo, tus hijos pequeños se están adaptando bien, no? pues ahí tienes algo bueno.
Espero que te adaptes al nuevo lugar.
Seguro que hay gente buena, como en Arizona. Trata de hacer de tu nuevo hogar, algo muy tuyo.
Un abrazo grande
(Sorry, I don't speak english)

sunshine said...

Thanks for sharing all of this with us. You are a very strong person and it shows that you really do love your family and you are also not afraid to make sacrifices for your loved ones, good for you!

Like you said in many way, things do happen for a reason and God has a plan, just give it time for things as we always have to consider things happen in His timing and not ours.

Good luck with everything!!!


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