Thursday, April 9, 2015

Egg Carton Flowers

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I thought I would re-share an old post. With just celebrating Easter you may have extra egg cartons. This would be a cute craft to use them up on.
They turned out pretty cute I think!

Want to make some? Here is what you will need to do....

Cut these shapes from the egg carton

Cut slits and round them to make a flower shape

Paint them with craft paints and stack and glue them together. (I used 2 colors of blue craft paint to make them look more realistic).

Cut a scrap piece of felt you have leftover from another project. This will be be pretty small, for the center of the flower.

cut little slits along one side

Roll up the felt and glue to the middle of your flower and your done!

I used a 18 count egg carton and got 9 flowers

Now just decide what you will make with them all! Add them to a wreath, glue them on a frame, box, or whatever your heart desires. Have fun with them and if you make them I would love to see.

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