About Me

Hi thanks for visiting my blog! I’m Heather I started this blog because I love to craft. I am always working on something. Even when I’m watching T.V. I have to be crocheting. Partly because if I don’t I will fall asleep but mostly because I love crochet it is probably my all-time favorite craft. I love starting with a ball of yarn and ending up with something awesome. I also love it because I have fond memories of watching my grandma sit and crochet the coolest things!

 I hate shopping! Crazy I know especially since I grew up in a house full of girls. I have 5 sisters and my poor dad never got that little boy he always wanted.  So you would think I would love to shop. My sisters all do, I don’t! I hate spending money! I find it fun to try to make the things I could buy with items I already have on hand or items that may otherwise be thrown out. That’s how I came up with the name Me Making do.

My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family. I am head over heels in love with my husband. We have been married almost nine years and I still get giddy when he walks in the room. No our marriage isn’t perfect and we don’t always see eye to eye but we both work on it every day.
We were both married previously and both brought children to our family. He had a girl and two boys and I had two boys and a girl and together we had our “ours” a sweet spoiled rotten boy that helps tie us all together. Bringing two families together has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do  but we have been rewarded with a great big family that we wouldn’t trade for anything. We love each other’s children as we do our own. Four of our children are off on their own adventure now. We have a son and a daughter- in-law and a chunky monkey grandson that we adore and another on the way.

My hero is my Dad he was amazing! He was a big burley teddy bear and gave the best bear hugs. On Christmas day 2011 he went to Heaven. To say I miss him is an understatement! He loved to make things from wood for others. He was giving and caring and he didn’t know a stranger. His favorite thing to say to others was “Happy Day” and so to tribute him and to remind myself and others to be I will always try to end my post with “Happy Day”.


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